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Re: Working On Classpath

From: Dalibor Topic
Subject: Re: Working On Classpath
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 23:42:21 +0200
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Andrew John Hughes wrote:
On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 19:57, Dalibor Topic wrote:

Andrew John Hughes wrote:

One thing I do think the Windows community still have over us by a long
shot is Java within the browser.  Is the OJI project still active for
Mozilla, and will we see a Free Java plug-in at some point?  It would
definitely give us a lot more test-cases, and simpler ones at that ;-)
Something I would like to look into, if anyone has any pointers... :)

dalibor topic

Thanks! Looking at the page, I do recall now having seen it before. The page suggests the project is dead, but the mailing list and CVS show
it as still pretty active...

Never trust web pages :) You'd think kaffe is dead by its web page since 3 months but the CVS is getting its daily share of patches ;)

dalibor topic

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