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Re: awt.geom tasks

From: Sven de Marothy
Subject: Re: awt.geom tasks
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:39:29 +0200

Anton Kast <akast-gcp at> wrote to Sascha Brawer:

>>I've been poking around in gnu classpath and lurking on the lists,
>> and I've got some ambition to implement the unimplemented stuff in
>> java.awt.geom, mainly Area and GeneralPath.  Your name is by these
>> tasks on the tasklist.
>>I've read the hacker guide.  Any further advice?  Is anyone currently
>>working on this?

>Thanks for your interest, any help is of course greatly appreciated!
>As far as I know, the state in CVS is quite current -- or does
>anyone have Area and GeneralPath patches sitting on their disks?

I do. :-)
My implementation of GeneralPath (together with the contains() and
intersects() methods for curves) is all finished, but I've been
waiting for the FSF paperwork to get done. (I don't know what they're
up to, I gave them a polite ping a few days ago to see what's up..)

I've been doing some work on Area as well, which is indeed a rather
tricky class. Currently it works for line-segment polygons, and I've
also written the curve-curve-intersection code (perhaps the
trickiest part) All in all it's a real monster of a class. 

So, avoiding a duplication of effort here would be a good idea.


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