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From: Ewout Prangsma
Subject: Re:
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 09:19:28 +0100
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Hmm, where would you put it ? Into java.nio.channels because it
inherits FileChannel, or because its used there ?
Ahhh you got a point there. Well in that case i would suggest, to make the package protection work.

The problem is that its used from other classes in too. 
File locking, mapped byte buffers, all (will) need it.

I searched and found that FileChannelImpl is used in, java.nio.channels.Channels &

So here is my suggestions.

- Rename to VMFileChannel (placed in vm/reference)
- Rename to VMFileLock (placed in vm/reference)
- Add a new VMFileChannelImpl in (placed in vm/reference) that constains
  1. a static method FileChannel open(...) the default implementation is to return a new VMFileChannel(...), but vm's can decide to implement it themselves.
  2. a static method FileChannel getOut(), FileChannel getIn(), FileChannel getErr() to replace the in, out, err fields of FileChannelImpl
- Add a new VMChannels to java.nio.channels (placed in vm/reference) that implements the native methods of Channels (newInputStream, newOutputStream)
- Replace the FileChannelImpl instanceof check in Channels by a FileChannel instanceof check.
- Replace the reference in with VMFileChannelImpl.getIn()/getOut()/getErr().



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