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Status report: new locales

From: Michael Koch
Subject: Status report: new locales
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 19:41:08 +0100
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Hi list,

as some of you probably know Guilhem Lavaux and I worked on moving our 
locale data to auto-generated ones using the locale data provided by 
CLDR [1]. This is mainly done now.

The actual locale data are stored in XML files using LDML Version 1.2 
[2]. Guilhem has written two little tools that can convert these XML 
files into a format which can easily used by GNU classpath. These 
tools are called gnu.localegen and gnu.currencygen and are located in 
GNU classpath CVS in the module "cp-tools".

To generate the locale informations you call gnu.localegen with an URI 
to the XML file(s) you wanna generate locales informations for. It 
then puts the resulting LocaleInformation_*.java file(s) into the 
current dir. These need to be moved int the gnu/java/locale package.
The tool gnu.currencygen takes as arguement the supplementalData.xml 
from CLDR and generates a file called This needs 
to be moved to resource/java/util.

We (should) support all locales that are provided by CLDR. That are 
255 locales.

What is missing ? The default values for all locales in are maintained manually. We need to 
write a tool or improve an existing one to parse the root.xml file 
provided by CLDR. CLDR provides extra XML files with collation rules. 
For these files we have no parser currently. We still use the old 
collation rules in our locale informations. We still have some bugs 
in our class library with handling Locales. I work on them and they 
will hopefully be fixed soon.

If you find bugs in our locale data or it's handling please report to 
this list or to the bug tacker [3].



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