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Re: OT: Eclipse Additions

From: Mark Derricutt
Subject: Re: OT: Eclipse Additions
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 14:36:20 +1300
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Andrew Overholt wrote:

Now comes the fun part:  making Eclipse better for your needs.  We're
interested in hearing what you think would make Eclipse a more useful tool
for you in your work with GNU Classpath.  What kind of things annoy you?
As much as I don't like Eclipse ( I'm an IntelliJ IDEA person myself ) I can see its value. And as such, would be all for seeing some of the popular python/perl modules avaialable in the default Eclipse installation.

Theres probably more python people in Fedora who could make use of the power eclipse+python could bring them.

Theres also some nice c/c++ plugins as well.

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