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Eclipse Formatter for Java (EFJ)

From: Ben Konrath
Subject: Eclipse Formatter for Java (EFJ)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:32:23 -0500
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I used some spare cycles on the week-end to finish up the Eclipse
Formatter for Java (EFJ) stand-alone app. I made two tarballs, one based
on the Eclipse 3.0.1 and one based on the lasted Eclipse I-build: (2.8M) (3.1M)

The I-build based release doesn't currently work. I think there's a bug
in Eclipse because the the 3.0.1 based release does work. I'll investigate
either later this week or on the week-end, depending when time crops up.

The tarball has the ant script and patches that are used to expose
Eclipse's Java formatter to the command line and build the app. The prep
target in build.xml will make EFJ from scratch by downloading an Eclipse
sourceBuild with wget, ripping out the relevant plugins and applying the
patches. To build the EFJ jar from the tarball, just run default target. 

Would you guys be interested in having these files (the build.xml and
patches) in your cvs tree? If not, I'll put it in my svn repo.

Cheers, Ben 

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