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From: Sascha Brawer
Subject: Re: CORBA
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 12:30:47 +0100

Hi Robert and Meskauskas,

there's already a bunch of free Java ORBs out there. For a list, see [1]. Maybe it would be worth trying to convince one of the authors to donate their work to the FSF, before going through the effort to write yet another one? (Sorry I won't have the time to do it myself)...

[2] -- I've heard good things about this LGPLed ORB; JBoss uses it

-- Sascha

On 02.03.2005, at 10:09, Meskauskas Audrius wrote:

Hello, Robert!


Well, it is a large work, but potentially it may be wortwhile to try. Networks and Internet are application areas where Linux is especially strong. The working CORBA would fit finely into Classpath.

My initial plans were to start with TCKind. After we have TCKind, we can proceed to TypeCode. After we have the TypeCode, we can write the primitive holders: ShortHolder, BooleanHolder and so on. They are necessary for the end CORBA user to pass java ints, booleans, etc by reference, where required. If we expect the package to work in any way, we simply cannot get without them.

In this way I did the SGML DTD stuff in that HTML parser: first defining the necesessary constants, then implementing the simple helper classes and finally taking the large "major" classes.

I can, however, change my implementation strategy, adapting it to that are you and Brian doing. It is importand to co-ordiante the work and not implement the same classes in parallel. Also, it may be better to focus the efforts writing some segment that could faster show some kind of functionality, becoming a subject of tests.



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