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New bug-classpath mailinglist

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: New bug-classpath mailinglist
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 01:33:33 +0200


Till now all automatic emails for either commit messages and
bug/task/patch reports went to the same list. We have now split this
into a automatic commit messages list and a automatic bug/patch/task
messages list.

If you want to receive email about each CVS commit message join:

If you want to receive email about each bug/patch/task added join:

Both lists should only receive automatic emails from the Savannah
system. Replies are set to go to the main classpath list for bug reports
and classpath-patches for commit messages.

When we switch to bugzilla all bugzilla emails will go to bug-classpath
also. Sorry, no date yet for the switch.

An overview of all the mailinglist for the GNU Classpath project can be
found at:



P.S. Just before the creation of this new mailinglist a whole batch of
bug reports was added that were found through FindBugs by David
Hovemeyer. They might be interesting to look at if you are looking for
some "easy" bugs to solve.

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