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Generics Branch Merge Announcement: 2005/06/05 - 2005/07/31

From: Andrew John Hughes
Subject: Generics Branch Merge Announcement: 2005/06/05 - 2005/07/31
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:27:22 +0100

Hi all,

All patches from the period 2005/06/05 - 2005/07/31 (basically, June and
July) to HEAD have been merged to the generics branch.  So, it should
now be relatively in sync again; sorry for the delay in doing so.  As
some of you may know, I've moved over to a 64-bit architecture and it's
taken a while to get things going again.

This post is also novel, in being the first announcement of a generics
merge on the main list.  Myself and Mark agreed that this was the best
option, given the size of the patch (6mb+ raw, 700k+ gzipped), which I'm
sure subscribers to the patches list don't want popping into their
inbox.  If anyone is interested in the patch, then by all means ask.  If
there are no objections, then I will continue to make a similar
announcement in future rather than posting huge patches for Mark to

Of course, the reason the patch is so big is because of all the great
work you guys have been doing over the past two months.  So, keep up the
good work! :)

Andrew :-)

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