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From: Bastiaan Huisman
Subject: Pacific/Easter
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 13:58:07 -0000

Hi all,

The Pacific/Easter TimeZone has been defined incorrectly in
java.util.TimeZone. It should go into and out of DST at the same UTC as
Chile (America/Santiago), not at the same wall-time as Chile. 

tz = new SimpleTimeZone
     (-6000 * 3600, "Pacific/Easter",
      Calendar.OCTOBER, 9, -Calendar.SUNDAY, 0 * 3600,
      Calendar.MARCH, 9, -Calendar.SUNDAY, 0 * 3600);
   timezones0.put("Pacific/Easter", tz);

Should become:

tz = new SimpleTimeZone
      (-6000 * 3600, "Pacific/Easter",
       Calendar.OCTOBER, 8, -Calendar.SATURDAY, 22000 * 3600,
       Calendar.MARCH, 8, -Calendar.SATURDAY, 22000 * 3600);
    timezones0.put("Pacific/Easter", tz);

I defined this tz in wall-time, maybe it would be better to do it with
respect to UTC?

Sun's JDK 1.5 has the same behavior as my "patch". I have not checked
other Timezones for the same mistake.

I have no prior experience with this mailing list, so I hope I have
reported this the right way.

Kind regards,
Bastiaan Huisman

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