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Re: Persuading the apaches

From: Archie Cobbs
Subject: Re: Persuading the apaches
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 10:51:09 -0500
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Martin Olsson wrote:
Could someone clarify the difference between GPL+Exception and ASF?
I'm interested both in the general differences but also specifically:
  - Why do you guys prefer GPL+Exception over ASLv2 ?

Just to clarify: it's not necessarily "us guys" that prefer GPL+ex
over Apache license. Rather (at least in my case) I need to be able
to contribute to Classpath, and the only way to do that is to assign
copyright assignment to FSF. The FSF owns the copyright and only they
have the power to change it. So perhaps you should be asking "why does
FSF prefer GPL+exception", which may have a more obvious answer.

Personally, I'd happily agree to re-license Classpath under a BSD style
license or something but that is probably highly unlikely, because I
doubt *all* Classpath developers *and* the FSF would agree to that.


Archie Cobbs      *        CTO, Awarix        *

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