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Re: Patches to by Christian Schlichtherle

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: Patches to by Christian Schlichtherle
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 07:10:25 -0700
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Christian Schlichtherle wrote:
More specifically, the size and compressed size field in the ZipEntry class
are causing the problems as some comparisons are happening on these. The
issue is that once a big integer equal or greater than 2*1024^3 and smaller
than 4*1024^3 is stored into a Java int, it is hard to use this int as if it
were unsigned. You would have to do something like this on an int


This is way too much computational overhead

To compare two unsigned ints just invert their sign bits:

I.e. (using C syntax):
unsigned int32 i, j;
signed int32 is = (signed int32) i;
signed int32 js = (signed int32) j;

Then (i COMP j) if and only if
((signed int32) (is ^ 0x800000) COMP (signed int32) (js & 0x80000000)).

Which is probably faster than:
((long) (is & 0xFFFFFFFF) COMP (long) (js & 0xFFFFFFFF))
        --Per Bothner

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