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Re: classpath 0.18rc1/cvs on OS-X

From: Andreas Tobler
Subject: Re: classpath 0.18rc1/cvs on OS-X
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 07:03:05 +0200
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Hi Robert,


Robert Lougher wrote:

Just to let people know that you can now grab the latest version of
JamVM from CVS.  This has the RawData/Pointer change, and works with
0.18-rc1 "out of the box".   It's also now "64-bit clean", and runs on
PowerPC 64 (on Mac OS X) and AMD64/Linux.  It _should_ also run on
PowerPC 64/Linux using the new --enable-ffi configure option but I
haven't been able to test it (the iMac G5 isn't fully supported under
Linux yet, fans go full blast).

It still expects libraries under MacOS X to end in .so (Classpath 0.17
and before) -- I'll fix this for the next release.

You must have fixed a bug which was bothering me with swing.

I built jamvm with disable-zip and with the dylib thingy, here a snapshot with swing demo.....

Thanks again!


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