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Re: jgss constant values

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: jgss constant values
Date: 12 Sep 2005 12:11:00 -0600
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>> Does the Classpath project have an explicit policy for these kinds of
>> situations?

Jeroen> I don't know if there is a policy, but I agree with you that we
Jeroen> shouldn't try to "fix" problems like this. It doesn't really solve
Jeroen> anything and makes interoperability more difficult.

I agree; I think we ought to change the jgss values to what Sun uses,
even though they are incorrect.  When we hook this up to a real
kerberos implementation, we can translate the constants at the native
boundary -- ugly but workable.

One thing we could do in situations like this is add a new annotation,
and modify free compilers to recognize it, to warn people about the
use of odd APIs.  That is, a use of one of these constants would emit
an optional warning like "note that these aren't the same as the RFC".


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