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Re: GNU Classpath and JVMs

From: Robert Lougher
Subject: Re: GNU Classpath and JVMs
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 14:44:52 +0100


> >From the new versions, which use 0.17 or 0.18, I can either not compile it
> or it (like JamVM), or it have problems with AWT and Swing (IKVM).
> And a CVS-version of Kaffe I have not tried. But Kaffe 1.1.5 don't run Swing
> programs on my computer.

JamVM _does_ work with Classpath-0.18.  The latest version is usually
at most broken for a couple of days whever a new snapshot of Classpath
is made.  You can now also get JamVM from CVS, and I intend to ensure
that this is current with Classpath CVS.  So when a new Classpath
snapshot is made, the CVS version of JamVM should work, even if the
latest released version doesn't (which was the case last week).

In your case the problem is a configuration issue on your machine
regarding libffi which is stopping JamVM building.


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