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Questions about programs

From: theUser BL
Subject: Questions about programs
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 18:37:19 +0000


Why use GNU Classpath a Swing-Demo program, which can't run on Suns Java?

I have had tested, that the GNU Classpath 0.16 Swing demo runs on JVM with GNU Classpath 0.16. But Suns JVM can't run it.
The same is with 0.18.
you can see, where I have run successfully the AWT demo with Suns Java. But failed to run the Swing demo with Suns Java 1.6 preview.

I have then tried to use Suns Java 1.5. And have additionally used both possible LookAndFeel-option.
But both failed.

So, why do you created demos, which only can run on Classpath VMs?

A second question I have is about Suns lincense of its demo programs:

In Java 1.2 (and I think until 1.4) Sun have had two different licenses. One BSD like and one which seems not to be OpenSource.

But since Java 1.5 there existing a new license under which now _all_ demo-programs stands.
It looks like a BSD-license.
But I am not sure, if it is really an OpenSource license.
It have the enhancement

You acknowledge that this software is not designed, licensed or intended
for use in the design, construction, operation or maintenance of any
nuclear facility.

So, are Suns Demos OpenSource or not?


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