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bison ./ChangeLog ./TODO data/bison.c++ data/bi...

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: bison ./ChangeLog ./TODO data/bison.c++ data/bi...
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 10:33:49 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/bison
Module name:    bison
Changes by:     Akim Demaille <address@hidden>  02/05/02 10:33:48

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog TODO 
        data           : bison.c++ bison.simple 
        src            : reader.c 

Log message:
        * src/reader.c (copy_at, copy_dollarm parse_braces, parse_action)
        (parse_guard): Rename the formal argument `stack_offset' as
        `rule_length', which is more readable.
        Adjust callers.
        (copy_at, copy_dollar): Instead of outputting the hard coded
        values of $$, $n and so forth, output invocation to b4_lhs_value,
        b4_lhs_location, b4_rhs_value, and b4_rhs_location.
        * data/bison.simple, data/bison.c++ (b4_lhs_value)
        (b4_lhs_location, b4_rhs_value, and b4_rhs_location: New.


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