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GNU indent for C code

From: Etienne Gagnon
Subject: GNU indent for C code
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:08:06 -0500
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Hi all.

Greg just told me that I am supposed to first send mail here, before
committing code.  As the code is already committed, I am sending this
message so that I revert the code if there is some reason to reject
my changes.

Mainly I did the following changes that I would mainly qualify of
1- Fix some .cvsignore files, and remove a few leftover generated files.
2- Add for hackers (script that calls auto* tools).
3- Add in an "indent" target that applies GNU Indent to all
   .c & .h files below native/ .
4- Actually make indent.

Here are the consecutive changelog entries (from oldest to newest):

2004-03-27  Etienne M. Gagnon <address@hidden>

        * Added typedef file for GNU indent.
        * Added indent target.
        * include/, native/fdlibm/fdlibm.h,
        native/vmi/vmi.h: Separate typedef declarations from struct/union

2004-03-27  Etienne M. Gagnon <address@hidden>

        * .cvsignore: Ignore some additional generated files.
        * config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh,,
        missing, mkinstalldirs: Removed these generated files.

2004-03-27  Etienne M. Gagnon <address@hidden>

        * Useful script for hackers to call auto* tools on
        fresh CVS copy.
        * Only indent C files below native/ directory.

2004-03-27  Etienne M. Gagnon <address@hidden>

        * ...[a bunch of .c/.h files]...:
        Indented using GNU indent.

If you think I made the biggest mistake on earth and should be assimilated
by the Borg as punishment, because I am trying to make the code look nicer,
just say so...


Etienne M. Gagnon, Ph.D.   

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