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[commit-cp] [bug #13422] swing: javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel(null

From: David Gilbert
Subject: [commit-cp] [bug #13422] swing: javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel(null, anything) not handed
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 22:02:27 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #13422 (project classpath):

I looked at the API some more and this is what I came up with, working

(1)  The setColumnIdentifiers() methods specify exactly how the data vector
should be modified to match the new column identifiers (including the null
case).  No problem here.

(2)  The setDataVector() methods describes how a conflict between the
dataVector and the columnIdentifiers is resolved - it sounds a lot like the
data vector is set first, and followed by a call to setColumnIdentifiers(). 
It mentions "unspecified" behaviour for a null dataVector - probably because
JDK 1.3 and JDK 1.4 behave differently (see bug report 4348070) and the spec
has been written to fit that.  JDK 1.4 doesn't throw an exception, so it seems
likely to me that the null vector is replaced by a zero length vector.

(3)  The spec for the constructors mentions passing off to the setDataVector()
methods, so the behaviour will follow the description in (2).

I'm going to try changing the setDataVector() method to replace null with a
zero length vector, add a few extra Mauve tests, and see if this gets around
your issue.  (I'm short on time this week, but I'll get back to it next week
if necessary).


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