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[commit-cp] classpath javax/swing/text/html/HTMLEditorKit.j...

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: [commit-cp] classpath javax/swing/text/html/HTMLEditorKit.j...
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 15:16:41 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/classpath
Module name:    classpath
Changes by:     Roman Kennke <rabbit78> 06/11/07 15:16:41

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog 

Log message:
        2006-11-07  Roman Kennke  <address@hidden>
                * javax/swing/text/html/
                (HTMLFactory.create): Include ListView.
                * javax/swing/text/html/
                (paint): Removed comment.
                * javax/swing/text/html/
                (CSSStyle.priority): New field.
                (CSSStyle.CSSStyle(int)): New constructor with priority.
                (CSSStyle.compareTo): New method. Used for sorting the styles.
                (CSSStyleSheetParserCallback.declaration): Store the style
                with the complete selector.
                (ListPainter.attributes): Renamed as field.
                (ListPainter.styleSheet): New field.
                (ListPainter.type): New field.
                (ListPainter.ListPainter): Pass StyleSheet to constructor.
                (ListPainter.paint): Provide simplistic implementation.
                (getListPainter): Pass StyleSheet to constructor.
                (resolveStyle): Fixed CSS style resolving.


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