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Market Movers and Shakers

From: Issac Horne
Subject: Market Movers and Shakers
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 14:42:43 +0000

In the current oil market, select small energy deals are flying.  
With growing demand, shrinking supplies, and government support 
for domestic energy projects, is there a better sector to invest in? 
Here's our next winner:

Co: Premium Petro|_eum Inc.
Sym: P P T |_  
Currently Trading at: $0.02    
1 Week_Target_Price:  $0.10

A Massive PR Campaign is Underway for Friday into next week!!
Starting at only 2 cents the Gains will be tremendous!!

HUGE news coming out for P P T |_. Did they strike oil?
Please read all the latest Press Releases on the company.
We advise our readers to get in early! This one is going up fast!

Premium Petroleum, Inc. is a diversified energy company focused on 
exploiting the vast oil and gas reserves of Northern Canada. With a 
strong management and technical team, Premium Petroleum will apply 
innovative technologies towards the discovery and development of a 
diverse portfolio of high value, low risk energy projects.  

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