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[gnue] r8027 - trunk/www/news

From: reinhard
Subject: [gnue] r8027 - trunk/www/news
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 12:35:56 -0500 (CDT)

Author: reinhard
Date: 2005-09-28 12:14:59 -0500 (Wed, 28 Sep 2005)
New Revision: 8027

Released GNUe Forms 0.5.13.

Added: trunk/www/news/10178
--- trunk/www/news/10178        2005-09-28 17:14:08 UTC (rev 8026)
+++ trunk/www/news/10178        2005-09-28 17:14:59 UTC (rev 8027)
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
+Title: GNUe Forms 0.5.13 released
+Author: address@hidden
+Date: 2005-09-28
+The GNU Enterprise team proudly announces
+   GNUe Forms 0.5.13.
+GNUe Forms is a data-aware user-interface generator. In more specific
+terms, Forms, using a clean XML-based definition, can display the same
+functional user interface in various physical mediums, whether GUI,
+HTML, console, or via a telephone-response system. Forms is designed
+from the ground up to describe a functional, database-backed interface,
+with no emphasis on particular widget sets. A form should be equally
+usable in a console/text-based environment as it is in a GUI setting.
+Changes and new features in this release:
+* Started cleanup of display handler code
+* Undelete
+* Field changes in ON-NEWRECORD trigger code don't make the record dirty
+* New ON-RECORDLOADED trigger
+* Turn off debug messages when compiled with -O
+* Fixed call of backend functions
+* Fixed behaviour after backend exceptions
+* Fixed behaviour for records that were inserted and deleted again
+* Fixed scrollbar
+* [win32] Fixed button displaying as pressed in toolbar
+* [win32] Fixed cursor positioning in multiline entry widgets
+* [win32] Allow incremental search in dropdowns
+* Several minor bug fixes
+You can download this release of GNUe Forms from

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