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hurd-l4/viengoos viengoos.c t-environment.h obj...

From: Neal H. Walfield
Subject: hurd-l4/viengoos viengoos.c t-environment.h obj...
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 15:48:05 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/hurd
Module name:    hurd-l4
Changes by:     Neal H. Walfield <neal> 08/01/04 15:48:05

Modified files:
        viengoos       : viengoos.c t-environment.h object.h object.c 
                         memory.h memory.c ager.c activity.h activity.c 
Added files:
        viengoos       : pager.h pager.c 

Log message:
        2008-01-04  Neal H. Walfield  <address@hidden>
                * activity.h (struct activity): Add fields eviction_clean and
                eviction_dirty.  Improve comments.
                (activity_charge): Change asserts to account for unsignedness.
                * activity.c (activity_destroy): Move all objects owned by 
                to its parent.
                (activity_deprepare): Add additional asserts.
                (do_activity_dump): Don't assert that ACTIVITY->FRAMES_LOCAL is
                the sum of the items on ACTIVITY's LRU lists.
                * object.h (struct object_desc): Add fields eviction_candidate,
                live, laundry_node and available_node.  Make priority_node a 
                with activity_node, which replaces activity_lru.  Remove field
                (object_activity_lru): Rename this list class...
                (activity_lru): ... to this.  Update users.
                (object_global_lru): Don't generate this list class.
                (eviction): Generate new list class.
                (available): Likewise.
                (laundry): Likewise.
                (global_active): Remove declaration.
                (global_inactive_dirty): Likewise.
                (global_inactive_clean): Likewise.
                (disowned): Likewise.
                (laundry): New declaration.
                (available): Likewise.
                (memory_object_destroy): Likewise.
                (object_desc_disown_simple): Remove declaration.
                (object_disown_simple): Remove function.
                (object_desc_disown): Likewise.
                (object_disown): Likewise.
                (object_desc_claim): Take additional parameter 
                Update users.
                (object_claim): Likewise.
                (object_desc_unmap): New function.
                (object_age): Likewise.
                (objects_folio_offset): Likewise.
                (objects_folio): Likewise.
                (object_free): Implement in terms of the above two functions.
                * object.c (global_active): Remove variable.
                (global_inactive_dirty): Likewise.
                (global_inactive_clean): Likewise.
                (disowned): Likewise.
                (laundry): New variable.
                (available): Likewise.
                (memory_object_alloc): Initialize ODESC to 0.  Call
                object_desc_claim to attach it to the relevant lists.  Assert 
                ODESC->LIVE is 0.  Set ODESC->LIVE to 1.
                (memory_object_destroy): Remove static qualifier.  Require that
                LRU_LOCK be held on entry.  Update users.  Use object_desc_claim
                to disconnect DESC from any lists to which it is attached.  
                call memory_frame_free, that is now the caller's responsibility.
                Update users. Set DESC->LIVE to 0.
                (folio_free): Don't disown the folio header.
                (folio_object_alloc): Call memory_frame_free to really free the
                (object_desc_disown_simple): Remove function.
                (object_desc_disown_): Likewise.
                (object_desc_claim): Take additional parameter 
                If true, update the relevant activities' accounting information.
                Update connect and disconnect code.  Only add an object to one 
                the priority tree and the lru lists, but not both.
                * viengoos.c (system_task_load): After allocating the
                root activity, have the root activity claim it and FOLIO.
                * ager.c: Include "zalloc.h".
                (AGE_DELTA): Don't define.
                (ager_loop): Rewrite to walk the object descriptors sequentially
                rather than following a linked list.  Update object list
                connection and disconnection code.
                * pager.h: New file.
                * pager.c: Likewise.
                * (viengoos_SOURCES): Add pager.h and pager.c.
                * memory.h (struct activity): Add forward.
                (memory_frame_allocate): Take additional parameter activity.
                Return a uintptr_t instead of an l4_word_t.  Update users.
                * memory.c: Include "pager.h" and "activity.h".
                (memory_grab): Always get base page sized pages.
                (memory_frame_allocate): Take additional parameter activity.
                Return a uintptr_t instead of an l4_word_t.  If zalloc fails,
                check AVAILABLE_LIST.  If nothing is applicable, call
                pager_collect and try again.
                * t-environment.h (pager_collect): New function.


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