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Cmd.exe line too long

From: Kolarik, Tony
Subject: Cmd.exe line too long
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:42:33 -0400

With a command line of 5006 characters I am now seeing the error I posted to
the list last week on two people's machines.  The latest is a brand new
laptop, so its a little harder to write it off to inadvertent changes to the
registry etc.  
Rather than try to fight configuration problems I put the following into
action() and am wondering if there is any particular reason I shouldn't be
using a linker response file.  I've attached the file in question in case
someone can spot some obvious problem there.

Any thoughts as to a better approach?  I need to do something, because
people are blocked otherwise.  Thanks,
 -- Tony K.

  if ($main::_WIN32) {
          if ($com !~ /^$env->{LINK} /) {
                  } else {
                          my @link_line = split(/\s+/, $com);
                          shift @link_line;
                          my $linkopts = 'linkopts.lnk';
                          File::Slurp::overwrite_file( $linkopts,
                          my $link_command = "link.exe address@hidden";
                          system($link_command );
          } else {


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