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Re: Extending cons

From: wouter . batelaan
Subject: Re: Extending cons
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 13:42:20 +0100

On 21/11/2000 12:30:09 holmberg wrote:
>I don't know how to structure the solution to suite you problem,
>but I suppose it is possible.

Thanks Johan, that is more or less what I want to do.
In addition I want to map each component name onto a
    <comp_name>/Construct file, by using a lookup along a component
search path. That can be done using a bit of perl.

Furthermore I want to use cons's variable export/import mechanism
to define and pass configuration variables to the make's. I am sure it is 
just takes me some time to work it out!


Wouter Batelaan

>On Tue, 21 Nov 2000 address@hidden wrote:
>> >
>> >As I understand it, you declare the dependencies between
>> >"components" and then want to run "make" on each component in the
>> >"right" order (and to *always* run all the makes, since only they
>> >know if there is something to do in each component).
>> >
>> >Isn't this just a topological sort ?
>> >You could use the Graph::Directed-module to do it in Perl,
>> >but do you really need cons ?
>> No, of course I could write something myself,
>> but cons has several features which I would like to use:
>> - It has a framework for reading Perl files.
>> - It has facilities to declare dependencies, which it
>> handles effectively in the right order.
>> - It has the capability to define (configuration) variables and control
>> inheritance of them.
>> - It allows building command lines, using variable substitution,
>> invoking them, and checking return status.
>> It allows me to gradually change from just controlling and sequencing make
>> builds to using cons for each component and the whole system.
>I understand your resons.
>After reading your mail, I tried to implement topoligical sort in
>cons, and this is what I got:
>I wrote a Construct file like this:
>        use ConsTopologicalSort;
>        Component( "a" => "b", "d" );
>        Component( "b" => "c", "f" );
>        Component( "e" => "f" );
>        Component( "f" => "x" );
>When running cons I got:
>        $ cons sort
>        make c
>        make x
>        make f
>        make b
>        make d
>        make a
>        make e
>I seem to have got the "make"-lines sorted accorded to the
>dependencies declared with the "Component" lines.
>The module doing the work is "ConsTopologicalSort". It looks like:
>$e = cons->new();
>Command $e "sort", "@/bin/true";
>sub Component
>    my ($name, @deps) = @_;
>    Command $e $name, "@/bin/echo make $name";
>    Depends $e "sort", $name;
>    for my $dep (@deps) {
>       Command $e $dep, "@/bin/echo make $dep";
>       Depends $e $name, $dep;
>    }
>Maybe this is misusing "cons" a bit, :-)
>but it at least demonstrates *one* way  to get "cons"
>to do a topological sort.
>I don't know how to structure the solution to suite you problem,
>but I suppose it is possible.
>/Johan Holmberg

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