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new cons FAQ 1.2

From: Steven Knight
Subject: new cons FAQ 1.2
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 23:44:51 -0600 (CST)

I've made a long-overdue updated version (1.2) of the Cons FAQ available:

I welcome any and all corrections, additions, suggestions, etc.

For those who are interested, a list of the accumulated changes in this
version is appended below.



--  Updated version number to 1.2.
--  Explain that stable/development version numbering begins with 2.0.
    Fix typos.
--  Update version numbers, blank place-holder for the date.
--  Fix another typo:  "ccc" => "cc" in an example.
--  Add XXX at a few points where we need to update C/C++ answers.
    Rework the file globbing answer for Cons 2.1.2 and remove the
    file globbing comments.
--  Minor change.  Redo the base/developer package question to account
    for the new packaging changes.  Linux => GNU/Linux.
--  Fix an example.  Put an XXX where we need to mention Precious.
    Remove mention of using '#' for drive letter (non-UNC) Win32 paths.
--  Remove spurious Conscript file name from an example.
--  Add info about the mailing list archive.
--  Fix an email-address typo in the "Who maintains Cons?" question.
--  Update answers for C and C++ compilers in the same environment.
--  Update "replace individual modules" answer for Precious method.
--  Add a question and answer about use of Import/Export.
--  Big reorganization of questions into a "Using Cons" section.
--  Update the mailing list URLs.
--  Reflect the fact that Depends can now take a reference to an array.
--  Add an item about doing something like "make test".
--  Add a question about build order.
--  Add a question about #inclue "..." when using Repositories.
--  Add a question about appending command lines to existing commands.

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