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Re: Problem with dependancies

From: david . weidenkopf
Subject: Re: Problem with dependancies
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 08:45:53 -0800

Johan has pointed out some issues I have been concerned with here as well. They 
may be touchy subjects for the Cons community and maintainers, so I was 
hesitant to comment on them. However, since he has touched on them, I will go 
ahead with my comments.

The features in Cons::Plus seem essential to me. Most compilers these days let 
you direct the output anywhere you like, so the linkage method used by Cons for 
variant builds seems unnecessary and has inconvenient side effects for some 
environments (
windows+ clearcase for one).

So I ask the following question, ( I am no Cons/perl  expert so bear with me) 
was Cons::Plus implemented in a way incompatible with the Cons architecture? Is 
this the reason why those features are not part of Cons? Is Cons::Plus a proper 
extension of Cons
or not?

We are planning to make use of Cons::Plus here, but my concern has always been 
the above issues.


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