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[coreutils] Re: Help with "ln" command using -b --suffix options

From: Surfin Ten
Subject: [coreutils] Re: Help with "ln" command using -b --suffix options
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 17:53:32 -0600

Sorry, in my prior post the subject link should have been "Help with
the ln command using the --backup=existing option"


On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 5:48 PM, Surfin Ten <address@hidden> wrote:
> According to Section 2.2 "Backup options" of the GNU coreutils
> documenation, using --backup=existing will make numbered backups of
> files that already have them, simple backups of the others.
> However, issuing the following command results in this (I realize in
> the example it doesn't make sense that a person would want to do this,
> but this is the easiest way to explain what I am trying to do as part
> of a larger project):
> First command:
> ln --backup=existing -s myfile.txt link_to_myfile.txt          //
> creates symbolic link called "link_to_myfile.txt"
> Second command (identical to the first):
> ln --backup=existing -s myfile.txt link_to_myfle.txt          //
> creates symbolic link called "link_to_myfile.txt~ (note the tilde at
> the end since a link with the same name already exists)
> Third command (identical to the first and second):
> ln --backup=existing -s myfile.txt link_to_myfile.txt         //
> overwrites the link created by the second command, does *not* create a
> numbered backup
> My question is, shouldn't use of the --backup=existing option result
> in the third command creating a link called "link_to_myfile.txt~1"
> since the documentation says --backup=existing creates numbered
> backups?
> Thanks,
> Sam

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