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Re: [coreutils] Coreutils Solaris extensions

From: John Sonnenschein
Subject: Re: [coreutils] Coreutils Solaris extensions
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 09:03:42 -0700
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On 09/10/10 08:51 AM, Jim Meyering wrote:
John Sonnenschein wrote:
We are considering extending some of the utilities in GNU Coreutils to
provide support for some of the newer Solaris features.  We would like
to discuss if you'd consider accepting these additions upstream.  If
that is possible, we'd like to get your guidance on about how best to
achieve that goal.

As an example, we could add NFSv4 ACL support to Coreutils which would
benefit all platforms that support NFSv4 or ZFS (eg, FreeBSD), not
just Solaris.
Proposals for improvement are always welcome.
Before you get too far into it, please present your high-level
goals on this list.
Well, the features the Solaris native versions of the coreutils have are roughly as follows:

    * chgrp: Windows SIDs (for CIFS/SMB shared volumes.
                   SAMBA could possibly take advantage of this feature)
    * chmod: NFSv4 ACLs, extended system attributes, xattrs
    * chown: Windows SIDs
    * cp: NFSv4 ACL, extended system attributes, xattrs
    * df: Zone support ( ie, not listing all volumes in the global zone.
            Can be disabled with the -Z flag)
    * id: project support ( ie, listing project membership with a -p flag.
            Projects are essentially groups with resource controls )
    * mv: NFSv4 ACLs, xattr, extended system attributes
    * ls:  NFSv4 ACL, extended system attributes, xattr, doors support
           (Linux supports doors to the best of my knowledge)

Which set of these we'd be interested in contributing is unclear, at the moment we're just exploring interest in the idea


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