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[coreutils] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.6.19-1369f

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [coreutils] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.6.19-1369f
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:19:08 +0100

Here's a snapshot of the latest.
I would like to release coreutils-8.7 on Friday.
The main motivation was to adjust stat(1)'s handling of %X, %Y, %Z
so as not to render scripts that use those format strings unportable,
while still providing a way to obtain the nanoseconds portion of
the corresponding time stamps.  This also includes a fix for a bug
in tail -F and a change to make cp's --attributes-only work more
sensibly with --reflink.

The gnulib changes since 8.6 fix a few minor bugs and portability nits,
and otherwise seem to be sufficiently "safe" that I've updated to the latest.
Please report any problems ASAP.

coreutils snapshot: (.gz files are here, too)      4.5 MB

There are .gz and .sig files here, too:

Here's NEWS:

** Bug fixes

  tail -F once again notices changes in a currently unavailable
  remote directory [bug introduced in coreutils-7.5]

** Changes in behavior

  cp --attributes-only now completely overrides --reflink.
  Previously a reflink was needlessly attempted.

  stat's %X, %Y, and %Z directives once again print only the integer
  part of seconds since the epoch.  This reverts a change from
  coreutils-8.6, that was deemed unnecessarily disruptive.  To obtain
  the nanoseconds portion corresponding to %X, you may now use %:X.
  I.e., to print the floating point number of seconds using maximum
  precision, use this format string: %X.%:X.  Likewise for %Y, %Z and %W.

  stat's new %W format directive would print floating point seconds.
  However, with the above change to %X, %Y and %Z, we've made %W work
  the same way:  %W now expands to seconds since the epoch (or 0 when
  not supported), and %:W expands to the nanoseconds portion, or to
  0 if not supported.

Here's git shortlog info:

Changes in coreutils since v8.6:

Andreas Schwab (1):
      fold: fix fadvise hint

Benno Schulenberg (1):
      md5sum: print a summary warning for improperly formatted lines

Eric Blake (1):
      maint: update THANKS

Jim Meyering (9):
      post-release administrivia
      tests: sort-float: avoid spurious test failure on ppc/ppc64
      .gitignore: anchor patterns
      maint: update bootstrap from gnulib
      build: enable -Werror for gnulib-tests, too
      tests: trigger and test for md5sum's new diagnostics
      tests: mention that btrfs also causes failure of misc/ls-time
      stat: revert %X-%Y-%Z change; use e.g., %:X to print fractional seconds
      build: update gnulib to latest

Nix (1):
      tests: fix a false positive for 32 bit on 64 bit hosts

Patrick W. Plusnick II (1):
      maint: remove an unnecessary FIXME comment

Paul R. Eggert (1):
      du: don't print junk when diagnosing out-of-range time stamps

Pádraig Brady (2):
      tail: support rechecking currently missing remote dirs
      cp: make --attributes-only override --reflink completely

Rodrigo Campos (1):
      doc: add a cross reference from cat's man page to "tac"

Tobias Quathamer (1):
      date: correct typos in date --help

Changes in gnulib since v8.6:

* gnulib 78c0415...87f692b (26):
  > posix_spawn*, getdtablesize: Relax license.
  > autoupdate
  > unistd: Refine workaround from 2009-12-23 against Cygwin bug.
  > stdio: Work around compilation error due to renameat() on Solaris 10.
  > renameat: port to Solaris 10, which declares renameat in unistd.h
  > fdopendir: fix C89 compilation
  > inttostr: simplify by removing unnecessary redundancy
  > nl_langinfo: Mention problem with CRNCYSTR on NetBSD 5.0.
  > Tests: Fix LOCALE_JA on MirBSD 10.
  > inttostr: revert most-recent change
  > inttostr: simplify by removing unnecessary redundancy
  > nl_langinfo test: Avoid test failure on NetBSD 5.
  > c-stack: work around libsigsegv 2.8 bug
  > userspec: Drop redundant file.
  > nl_langinfo tests: Silence some warnings.
  > Make use of GCC's attribute __alloc_size__.
  > bootstrap: anchor .gitignore entries.
  > nextafter: Fix configure check.
  > Fix date in ChangeLog.
  > termios: Update documentation.
  > tests: Make them compile with TinyCC.
  > ignore-value: make header idempotent
  > GNUmakefile: handle "stable" target, not "major"
  > isnan: Add support for TinyCC
  > vasnprintf: Don't set errno to 0.
  > socketlib: Fix.

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