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RE: [coreutils] coredump segmentation fault using coreutils 6.4 sparc so

From: Howell Hughes
Subject: RE: [coreutils] coredump segmentation fault using coreutils 6.4 sparc solaris using mv or touch
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 10:47:53 -0500

Hi Jim,

Sorry about this hand holding but I have no experience with this.

I ran 
(cd coreutils-8.7 && ./configure && make && make -k check ) >& log

In the zsh shell and it was much more successful this time.

But what do I do know? How do I create the a coreutils package that I can add 
using pkgadd?

I'm reading the INSTALL and README files but its confusing.

Howell Hughes


-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Meyering [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: November-25-10 2:44 PM
To: Howell Hughes
Cc: Eric Blake; address@hidden
Subject: Re: [coreutils] coredump segmentation fault using coreutils 6.4 sparc 
solaris using mv or touch

Howell Hughes wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Thanks for the info. I did the following and am still requiring some 
> support
> I downloaded
> gpg --verify coreutils-8.7.tar.gz.sig && I don't have gpg on my node. 
> Do I have to install another package to install this?

It's good practice to check the signature (that's what gpg --verify does), but 
probably no big deal in this case.

> Also if I ever run && on my node it just returns a prompt like this

Then you're probably using a C-shell.
Either run a bourne shell (bash or zsh) or as a last resort, replace each "&&" 
by ";", as you did -- but note: that changes semantics.

> I don't know if it is relevant for solaris or if it's a linux thing, 
> or maybe again I just don't have a certain package installed?
>   gzip -dc coreutils-8.7.tar.gz | tar xf - &&
>   (cd coreutils-8.7 && ./configure && make && make -k check ) >& log I 
> ran ./configure; make; make -k check > log
> Nothing was written to the log file but config.log file was written 
> and is attached to this email. It seems I don't have everything 
> required to create the package, from the config.log "configure:4449:
> error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH".
> Can you advise what else is required to in order to run the configure 
> correctly?

As it implies, you need to install a C compiler first.
I suggest you get gcc.

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