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[coreutils] Do not keep yourself

From: Sudhakar Gosukonda
Subject: [coreutils] Do not keep yourself
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 16:09:46 +0530


Follow these 3 important things to protect your body & praaNa coordination:

1. Never ever use/remember/utter the word 'or'. If you have to use
'and/or' then utter the word 'pinDaar' (Like in 'Do') outside so that
it is audible to yourself clearly since kavacha is there in kantta.

2. Never use the word "if" or "whether". Slightly safer (not better)
word is weather. But pronounce the word "vEdar" (d is like th in
weather) outside whenever you remember weather/whether/if.

3. Never remember the word 'fun'. Slightly safer word is merriment.
All words in english will kill body and mind. While in office talk in
hindi to express your emotions. Do not keep any emotion except dying
seriousness when using english. Whenever you remember the word female,
uttered the word "remale" to negate its effects.

4. mun means must in english. Can you concentrate on your wrist watch
for 2 minutes saying that my "mun" (hindi ka mun) is in my control?
Using english means loosing coordination between praaNam and breathing
and creating negative thoughts.

5. "ra" is agni beeja. na is praaNa beeja. ma means no. It is used in
opposite way in english. para (mantras on which this world is
created), pasyanthi, madhyama and vaikhari (what is utter outside) all
4 should have coordination.

I have been on leave for 40 days with my guru learning mantra saastra
and returned to office today only.

Read the following to know more:

Om gurubrahmaa gururvishnuhu
gururdEvO mahEswaraha
gurussaakshaat parabrahma
tasmai Sree guravE namaha
tasmai Sree guravE namaha

Once in 2009, after giving teertham in dargah, Sree swami looked at me
and said, "If you keep money, you will become piSaacha; if you keep
jnaana, you will become raakshasa". The jnaana thing, He told this
year in sastsang also during ammayya's aaraadhana. Initially I did not
want to share my spiritual experiences with anyone but after
remembering what swami has told, I decided to share. As Sree
Bharadwaaja master garu has said, remembering how great guru from the
good done by Him is the actual guru stuti. So I wish to tell my
experiences, not only of spiritual.

When I was studying intermediate, my father was working in kadapa and
the family was in Nellore. Our family friends told about swami and my
father visited Him. He told my father about me and said I have bad
friends. When I learnt this, I first got angry on swami for telling
that. Shortly after that I read "Sree sai leelaamrutam" by master
gaaru. It was a turning point and I was introduced to real
spirituality. Later I used to visit Sree datta sai mandiram, the only
place where master garu did vigraha pratishTha of saibaba and I used
to participate in satsang & haratis there. swami used to come there
some times and I used to have His darsan and blessings.

Later once I visited swami after I joined MCA and He told me that I
was not concentrating on studies and that I should do. After joining
job in Bangalore also, I used to visit only rarely.

The devotion & peace of mind that I had in Nellore was not there in
Bangalore and everything seemed mechanical and with no real
maza/ananda. I was depressed for that and visited shirdi. But things
apparently did not improve. Then one day I remembered swami and
visited Him. swami asked me to stay that night and told me to chant
"om saayee". I was not completely satisfied with that. Shortly after
that I fell ill and one night I was chanting "om saayee". That night I
had a vision, probably a dream, in which I saw paadukaas in soonyaa
with "om saayee" being chanted from all sides and with auspicious
sounds like mrudangam being played. When I told about this to swami,
he said "mattulO gammattu" (magic in sedation). I did not understand
what it means. He wrote with bettam (stick) on floor saying, "om
saayee" should become "om yeesaa".

After this I started visiting somewhat more frequently. But by then
ammayya had already attained maha samadhi. The only remembrance I had
was swami used to say to bow her too as she is also a mahaatma. Once
she gave me laddoos as prasada.

Once I did guru geeta paaraayana and went to aasram and swami was not
there. But I had the intuition that my paaraayana will not become
futile and that we will have His darsan. After some time we come back
to board the bus and waiting on the road. Just then swami returned
from Nellore, saw us and called from car. We went back to aasram and
spent some time there.

One day while swami asked me to stay but I insisted on returning to
Bangalore and left. After reaching madanapalli, I got a call from my
friend that his brother is not to be seen. To ask about this I wanted
to return to dargah and I returned the next day. The devotees told me
that swami told the them that I would return the next day. When I
asked swami about my friend He said, he would come back. Later he did
come back.

I attended satsangam in IISc few times and there the members told
about swamiji that increased my devotion towards Him and I started
visiting a bit more frequently.

Swami once took the karma of some devotee who was in hospital bed &
praying swami. Swami was not taking even water for some days. Anyone
in that state would have suffered low bp and sugar levels and would
have fainted. Swami was not answering any questions and everyone was
just having His darsan and returning. I too was doing only that
without saying anything. Then swami told me, "you are trying to shift
company. Don't do that". Actually I was doing that at that time. So I
stayed in the same company. It proved good for me for I was able to
file some 25 patents after that which could not havee been possible
had I shifted. It helped me to build a strong career. Once there was a
lot of work pressure and when asked swami He told that it would come
down by April and it happened that way later. I have a quarrelsome
attitude. When asked Him what should I do with management if I get
over work, He said, "gupchipgaa cheyyi" (do it quietly) and it helped
me in office. I was asked to go to US for office work but owing to
circumstances in the family I was not willing to. So I asked swami. He
told me not to go and that management will find another way. It
happened that way only. When I was in czech republic, I asked my
father to ask for swami's blessings. Swami said that His blessings are
always with me. 2 times I forgot my passport pouch there and some one
else found it. It was due to His blessings only. Once swami said about
something that "chestoo unte ade vastundi" "as you do, you will get
it". I follow the same principle while resolving technical issues in

When in Bangalore, my father got fever and finally was admitted in
hospital. We had spent 1 lakh but there was no improvement. I called
swami. He told that by so and so day, the fever would come down. It
came down exactly that way. Once I was not well for some days and
after visiting swami we told this. swami said angrily that we did not
visit Him and that we should visit at least once in 4 months. It was
true. Once it so happened that I could not visit Him for more than 4
months. I again fell ill and got hospitalized. When my father called
swami, He asked us to bring me for His darsan. Swami applied on my
body with his bettam and asked me not to skip food and take something
once in 4 hours and that rules about food told to sanyasis were not
for me. Doctors said it was TB and the samples sent to Bombay gave +ve
for TB. Later when we told this, swami said there was no TB and asked
me not to take any medicines. I had purchased TB medicines by then and
was about to start the course, which would have been a 6-9 month
course with multiple powerful antibiotics. I stopped the medicines and
did not get fever again. Later I started visiting swami whenever I get
chance. Once swami while I was returning home came out from His room
and asked me to close the door of kitchen and when no one was there
gave me an apple and asked me to take home & eat by all saying that
diseases will not come.

Once I took a japa mala and prayed for His blessings. He took it and
closed His eyes for some time and gave me. Later one day after taking
bath after wiping face with towel, the japa mala came in my hand,
meaning the thread got cut. Except for one bead, everything came very
nicely in my hand. That bead also fell in bucket of water and no where
else. swami gave baba dollars to many devotees. He gave one to me also
and showed both sides and said, "see saibaba, dattaswamy" and put it
around my neck.

During 2009 urusu I took my newly bought SLR camera and was trying to
take photos. Though I attended a basic course and studied manual, I
had doubts and could not understand somethings in manual mode. While
looking at the eyes of swami's picture pasted on the wall through
camera, it occurred to me that there should be a better way to use the
camera. I opened the manual and spent only around a minute and it
occurred like a flash about the purpose of settings and the doubts
were cleared at once. Then I was able to take good ones.

Swami once asked me to come and stay in dagah for some 10 days saying
that I should get at least some part of the qualities like piousness
etc., that swami and ammayya have. I stayed there later for about 13
days and swami told many things during that time. The following things
happened during that time. One day I was having some questions in my
mind and was a bit dissatisfied & depressed and while thinking moved
around in the place between well and the rest rooms. Sankarayya gaaru
also asked why I was moody. That evening I went and sat in satsanga.
swami was looking at some book and did not look at me at all. Guptaa
gaaru started reading "Sree paada charitaamrutam". In that Sree paada
swami answers questions of narasimhaavadhaanlu(?) after appearing in
his pooja room. Swami started explaining them. swami's words were all
answers to my questions. I became happy, lifted my head and with smile
I looked at swami. Just then some sound came from outside and everyone
looked outside. swami then looked at me and gave gesture ordering me
to bend my head down and not to look at Him, thus instructing me
secretly. At the end while getting up, swami said, "Sree paada swami
conducted darbaar today". One afternoon when swami was alone sitting
on sofa, I went near and just sat down. swami touched my head with His
bettam and waved it gesturing that I should go. Swami laid down. I
then felt an impulse to meditate and went behind ammayya samaadhi
mandiram and started meditating on "I". It went deep. I don't know its
significance. One morning after cleaning the mandiram I adjusted my
jandhyam after sitting down. As soon as I touched it, swami asked me
if my upanayanam was over. When I said yes, He asked me if I was told
that I am a dwija (who took two janmaas). I don't know what to say.
Then swami asked if I am remembering (doing) gayatri at least once or
twice per day. When I said that I did for 1 year and stopped. He said,
"ee prapamchamantaa gaayatrilOnE vundi. anDa pinDa brahmaanDamulannee
gaayatrilOnE unnavi". (This entire world is in gaayatri only. anDa
pinDa brahmaanDa everything is in gayatri only). After this I started
doing gayatri again. Actually my upanayana did not happen twice as my
mother fell ill. Third time we took swami's blessings. Though again
some obstacles came, it went well.

During that stay swami said the following things: "vyaasa is not
considered as guru". "Did we say rama or krishna?"(Meaning, this is
sadguru peetham. We say sadguru but not rama or krishna.) "In masjid
they do not say alla hu / alla ho(?). Here we say that". Once swami
said that "alla hu" means sivoham. He also said bismilla is same as
omkaara. He said, "samsaara vruksham pOvaalamTE talli veru teeyaali".
(To remove the sansaara vruksha we have to remove mother root). veru
in telugu also means different. It occurred to me that swami's real
message was "to remove samsaara vruksha we have to remove the idea
that mother is different". Swami went to baba vigraha pratishta after
that. I started thinking that night. If mother and father are not
different, where from srushti has come? What is the real nature? It
went deep linking different things and I did not sleep whole night.
There was a saying that we should not enquire into the roots of river,
yogi & woman. I don't know if this is what swami intended me to do.
But I went deep on it. One evening in satsang the incident where Sree
pada swami takes out some one's karma by keeping His thumb on the
bhrukuti(space between eye brows) came during the paaraayana. Swami
looked at me and gestured meaning, so also, He had taken away my bad
karma. After that stay I went back to Bangalore. Later when I came
back to dargah for, I think, guru poornima, swami after looking at me
said, "neekOsam enta tapassu chEsaanuraa !" (How much tapas I did for
you re!). It was true for I could for the first time in life feel
confidence in spiritual matters and also started doing nama japa.
Before the stay, I was always worried about my spiritual progress and
was not sure if I am moving ahead or not. After that I regained the
devotion which I lost after leaving Nellore, only in a much mature
way. I also had this feeling of I am great. It has come down after the

Oneday in satsangam swami told sankarayya garu with smile, "We will
make you CM". I thought where is he? and where is CM post? I was
perplexed. Then swami said to him, "CM ante (means) cooking master
raa" and everyone laughed.

Once someone sang some song which tells how Baba blessed His devotees
like shyama etc., Swami said, baba did not like that song and that
baba is saying, "Have I not done anything for you?"

Swami asked me not to read some spiritual books. I obeyed that. Though
they may be great books, they are not suited for me.

Once swami while looking at baba and folding hands said, we should
pray saying that, swami (baba) we do not know even one croreth of a
mustard seed's magnitude of you or yours greatness. He also said once
that everyone has this durguna right from birth that I am great. He
once asked in satsanga that which artist can paint like creator who
painted the colors of parrot. Once during while giving teertha He
asked some questions related to maha bharatam and some devotees asked
correctly. Then He asked, "what is the difference between God and
dog?". No one gave an answer. Later while reading master's book I
found the analogy given by master where He says if we consider water
in sea as God, the waves are the jeevaas.

I was there when one Bharadwaja master's disciple came to swami. Swami
told him, "I and Bharadwaja are not different".

One night some bird was making sound for a long time. Only few were
there in mandiram. swami said, "enough of it" and it immediately

Many of us must have observed swami stopping rain many times during
the time of yagna and meravani/pallaki.

I had the thought of not getting married. One night I got a dream
where I went to Sri Rajarajeswari temple in Nellore and there near
entrance some one was giving arathi to vinayaka swami vigraha. They
asked swami about me and He said that I should get married. After that
dream, I went to Nellore. It was more than a decade that I had been to
that temple and that too I had been there only very few times and do
not remember if there was a vigraha there or not. When I went there I
actually found a vinayaka swami vigraha there, exactly where I saw in
the dream.

Last year, when we started looking for alliances, 3 matches came and
we took them to swami. He selected one out of the three and said He
would give guarantee for that match and also said that by next year I
will have a baby. I got married and we are expecting in october. There
were some problems that I faced in the family after the marriage. I
went alone to swami. He left all the phone calls and sat with me and
told what to do. Later things turned out such that I had to follow
what swami has told. He also said, "achyuta ananta govinda" means they
are infinite etc., and that everything happens only acccording to
their sankalpa and asked me to say govinda namalu saying, I would get
courage thus. I remembered swami's words when difficult situations
came and it gave lot of strength.

One Thursday as I did not observe any one preparing breakfast and I
did not take. But I did not know that yesterday's food was taken for
breakfast. Later in the morning swami looked at me and asked if I had
breakfast. When I said no. swami at once shouted at me with abusive
words and asked me take food. I went and took. Once while giving
teertha, I was at back and coming to take it at the end leisurely.
Swami scolded me and said any one comes for food and teertha first and
for quarrels last. Once swami asked me to be like others. He also
asked me not to imagine things. I have heard Him saying, "aalOchana
Satruvu" (Thought is enemy).

One day I asked swami about jnanam. As soon as I mentioned the word
jnanam, He shouted at me and asked me to go out and pray near baba's
temple. I did that. Next in morning in satsanga, swamy said, you are
in a too much eager state yesterday and so I did not tell you. Jnanam
will come through bhakti. Did you run immediately after your birth? So
also jnanam will come slowly.

While I was staying for some time in dargah, one day I found that it
is only eeswara who is in me and doing things and not me. Long after,
I told this to swami and asked if it was true or was it my
imagination. Swami said, "To think we are doing is mOsam (deceiving).
it is only parameswara who does in us. This is called akartrutwa
bhaavam. This is also called Sivoham...." I want to quote what swami
has said in bhagavadgita speech (available in Internet) as krishna
said to arjuna "
నేను నిన్ను నడిపిస్తున్నానని దృఢ చిత్తుడవై నేను చెస్తున్నాననే
దురభిప్రాయాన్ని మరచిపోయి నాయందు ప్రీతి చేత...నీవే చెస్తున్నావని
ఎప్పుడూ అనుకోవాకు. నీవు ఎప్పుడూ ఏమీ పని చేయలేవు. నేను ఉండి నీ చేత
చేయిస్తున్నాను. నిష్కామ భక్తుడవై ఎల్లప్పుడూ ఎటువంటి చింతా కోరికలు
లేకుండా నాయందు ప్రీతితో భక్తితో నన్ను పొందాలంటే...రాజ విద్య రాజ గుహ్య
యోగంలోనిది చేస్తూ సర్వ కాల సర్వావస్థలయందు నన్ను తలుస్తూ... " (...never
think that you only are doing. You can never do any work. By being
there I am making you to do...). Master garu also said that we should
leave the thought that "aham karta; aham bhokta" and mentioned
examples from the life histories of devotees who served baba.

In last year's urusu one morning after coming out of ammayya mandiram,
swami said something like gets bhagavad-anubhooti now. I was
actually experiencing at that time. I don't know how to put it in
words but it is of some highest feeling. Swamiji's words confirmed my

Whenever I look at baba's eyes in mandiram, it appeared as though they
were closed and in the next moment it again appeared as though they
were opened again closed and opened...This happened many times for me.
I thought since it was not that clear, probably I was feeling like
that. But oneday swami said, "baba ikkada kallu arputaadu" (Baba here
opens and closes His eyes).

This year, when I went 3 weeks before ammayya aaraadhana, swami asked
me to come on saturday evening for aradhana. I said I would start on
Friday evening itself. But it so turned out that I came exactly at 6pm
on saturday evening only. We were making some laddoos of different
size for fun. Then sankarayya garu came and said swami asked if we are
making all laddos of same size or not.

While pooja to ammayya was going on sunday night, I became silent
inwardly and some kind of peace came to me. Next day morning I got a
dream in which I saw fire ball of the size of sun from sky fell on
earth and burnt everything but the fire got extinguished. In the
morning, after arathi and ashtottara, I regained the state that I had
last night and everything in this world seemed to have no existance
including kaamaadi arishadvarga etc., In that state I took teertham
from swamy and stepped aside. Swami was giving teertham to next
devotee and said, "srushti antE gaanee nadakalO raakooDadu" (this
creation is like that only but it should not come in the behaviour).
At once I understood that it was meant for me. Then I thought on how
swami views this world as. If nothing seemed to exist, then who is He?
In leelamrutham shyama asks baba to show satyaloka, vikuntha &
kailasa. Baba says they are nothing. But he insists then baba shows
him brahma, vishnu & maheswara when he closes his eyes and says, what
we should desire is that which is beyond these. Master says that in
vedas, under kesin sooktam, the rushi asks where from this creation
has come and if anyone knows what was there before creation. He
finally says that even creator may not know just like how one gets up
from sleep but does not know how he came to wakeful state from sleep.
So also every god and everyone is at this side of creation only.
Sadguru is the only one who is outside this creation. Paratatwa (para
= outside) is available in this creation only as sadguru. That is why
we say "gurussakshaat parabrahmam". In guru gita it is mentioned that
even gods want to take human birth for want of a sadguru. After this
incident I realised more clearly that swami and ammayya do not see
this creation just like how we see and that they belong to para tatwa.
I also realised that during festival seasons, there will be special

In few minutes I lost that state and was normal again. When swami
asked if anyone got a dream or message, I told the above dream. Swami
said, "It is jnaana. It will be there in kapaalam. It came but because
of durgunas it went away. If you work towards parameswara, you will
get it". It was so much true. It came and went. I realised that swami
can give any great jnaana to anyone with a wave of His finger and take
back that easily too. Once when my sister and father came to dargah,
swami in satsang told about the story in which a boy stands on an
elevated place and telling highest dharma. When he came down he was
like a normal boy. King bhoja ordered to dig that place and found the
throne of the great vikramaarka. It was only because of the greatness
of that place even an ordinary boy was able to get highest things.
Swami said, so also is this place. That is why hazarat sree darbar
alisha vali came here so many centuries back itself and stayed there.
My experience proved to me beyond doubt that this place has mahatya
which we can not understand. Otherwise an ordinary person like me can
never get spiritual experiences no matter how hard he does his
sadhana. Since baba also said that unless we put all our energies we
can not get any result in spiritual path. Master also says that unless
we put extreme human effort with viveka, there will be no atma vikasam
in us. Swami also said many times that you may even dance on the tip
of needles but it is difficult to reach guru padam (realization). In
vivekachoodaamani also Sri Sankara says "muktirnO satakOti janma
sukrutaihi punyairvinaa labhyatE". Unless one has punya accumulated
for 100 crore births one will not get mukti. The reason is that as
master garu says, unless there is change in our samskaras which are
harder than diamond and rock, there is no use and that for one
samskara to get stabilized or to get removed it takes some births.

Master garu says the dheera who can get realization after getting a
sadguru is very rare and that all the remaining will take births again
and again even after getting a great sadguru and that it is His
speciality that He protects us again and again. Like this we don't
know for how many births swami has been a sadguru, protecting us and
will protect us.

yEtat sarvam Sree sadgurudEvaarpaNamastu

Om tat sat

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