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Re: [PATCH 00/22] Patches to avoid use of make recursion in the 'src/' s

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/22] Patches to avoid use of make recursion in the 'src/' subdir
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 10:08:53 +0200

Stefano Lattarini wrote:
> This is a re-spin, extension and follow-up to this previous series:
>     <>
> plus other follow-up fixlets and refactoring.  Thanks to Jim Meyering
> for his testing of earlier iterations of this series, and his relentless
> reporting of problems and errors.

Thanks for all of the work.
However, even with all of that, "make distcheck" still fails, when
trying to build prog.1 when the required src/prog does not yet exist.
(it must be run with --help)

Here's a first required patch.

>From cecef0d2f7ff7e4092cc991a7b8d2b0bceadf0ee Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Jim Meyering <address@hidden>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2012 10:00:26 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] build: make each man/prog.1 depend on src/prog, not

* man/ Creating a prog.1 man page requires running
src/prog --help.
List the exceptions, e.g., install.1 depends on src/ginstall
and arch.1 depends on src/uname.
 man/ | 213 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------------
 1 file changed, 105 insertions(+), 108 deletions(-)

diff --git a/man/ b/man/
index da7de24..8c1ec60 100644
--- a/man/
+++ b/man/
@@ -52,114 +52,111 @@ mandeps += $(top_srcdir)/src/system.h

 $(ALL_MANS): $(mandeps)

-# Note that arch depends on uname.c
-man/arch.1:      src/uname.c
-man/base64.1:    src/base64.c
-man/basename.1:  src/basename.c
-man/cat.1:       src/cat.c
-man/chcon.1:     src/chcon.c
-man/chgrp.1:     src/chgrp.c
-man/chmod.1:     src/chmod.c
-man/chown.1:     src/chown.c
-man/chroot.1:    src/chroot.c
-man/cksum.1:     src/cksum.c
-man/comm.1:      src/comm.c
-man/cp.1:        src/cp.c
-man/csplit.1:    src/csplit.c
-man/cut.1:       src/cut.c
-man/date.1:      src/date.c
-man/dd.1:        src/dd.c
-man/df.1:        src/df.c
-# Note that dir depends on ls.c, since that's where its --help text is.
-man/dir.1:       src/ls.c
-man/dircolors.1: src/dircolors.c
-man/dirname.1:   src/dirname.c
-man/du.1:        src/du.c
-man/echo.1:      src/echo.c
-man/env.1:       src/env.c
-man/expand.1:    src/expand.c
-man/expr.1:      src/expr.c
-man/factor.1:    src/factor.c
-man/false.1:     src/false.c
-man/fmt.1:       src/fmt.c
-man/fold.1:      src/fold.c
-man/groups.1:    src/groups.c
-man/head.1:      src/head.c
-man/hostid.1:    src/hostid.c
-man/hostname.1:  src/hostname.c
-man/id.1:        src/id.c
-man/install.1:   src/install.c
-man/join.1:      src/join.c
-man/kill.1:      src/kill.c
-man/link.1:      src/link.c
-man/ln.1:        src/ln.c
-man/logname.1:   src/logname.c
-man/ls.1:        src/ls.c
-man/md5sum.1:    src/md5sum.c
-man/mkdir.1:     src/mkdir.c
-man/mkfifo.1:    src/mkfifo.c
-man/mknod.1:     src/mknod.c
-man/mktemp.1:    src/mktemp.c
-man/mv.1:        src/mv.c
-man/nice.1:      src/nice.c
-man/nl.1:        src/nl.c
-man/nohup.1:     src/nohup.c
-man/nproc.1:     src/nproc.c
-man/od.1:        src/od.c
-man/paste.1:     src/paste.c
-man/pathchk.1:   src/pathchk.c
-man/pinky.1:     src/pinky.c
-man/pr.1:        src/pr.c
-man/printenv.1:  src/printenv.c
-man/printf.1:    src/printf.c
-man/ptx.1:       src/ptx.c
-man/pwd.1:       src/pwd.c
-man/readlink.1:  src/readlink.c
-man/realpath.1:  src/realpath.c
-man/rm.1:        src/rm.c
-man/rmdir.1:     src/rmdir.c
-man/runcon.1:    src/runcon.c
-man/seq.1:       src/seq.c
-man/sha1sum.1:   src/md5sum.c
-man/sha224sum.1: src/md5sum.c
-man/sha256sum.1: src/md5sum.c
-man/sha384sum.1: src/md5sum.c
-man/sha512sum.1: src/md5sum.c
-man/shred.1:     src/shred.c
-man/shuf.1:      src/shuf.c
-man/sleep.1:     src/sleep.c
-man/sort.1:      src/sort.c
-man/split.1:     src/split.c
-man/stat.1:      src/stat.c
-man/stdbuf.1:    src/stdbuf.c
-man/stty.1:      src/stty.c
-man/sum.1:       src/sum.c
-man/sync.1:      src/sync.c
-man/tac.1:       src/tac.c
-man/tail.1:      src/tail.c
-man/tee.1:       src/tee.c
-man/test.1:      src/test.c
-man/timeout.1:   src/timeout.c
-man/touch.1:     src/touch.c
-man/tr.1:        src/tr.c
-man/true.1:      src/true.c
-man/truncate.1:  src/truncate.c
-man/tsort.1:     src/tsort.c
-man/tty.1:       src/tty.c
-man/uname.1:     src/uname.c
-man/unexpand.1:  src/unexpand.c
-man/uniq.1:      src/uniq.c
-man/unlink.1:    src/unlink.c
-man/uptime.1:    src/uptime.c
-man/users.1:     src/users.c
-man/vdir.1:      src/ls.c
-man/wc.1:        src/wc.c
-man/who.1:       src/who.c
-man/whoami.1:    src/whoami.c
-man/yes.1:       src/yes.c
+# Most prog.1 man pages depend on src/prog.  List the exceptions:
+man/arch.1:      src/uname
+man/dir.1:       src/ls
+man/install.1:   src/ginstall
+man/vdir.1:      src/vdir
+man/base64.1:    src/base64
+man/basename.1:  src/basename
+man/cat.1:       src/cat
+man/chcon.1:     src/chcon
+man/chgrp.1:     src/chgrp
+man/chmod.1:     src/chmod
+man/chown.1:     src/chown
+man/chroot.1:    src/chroot
+man/cksum.1:     src/cksum
+man/comm.1:      src/comm
+man/cp.1:        src/cp
+man/csplit.1:    src/csplit
+man/cut.1:       src/cut
+man/date.1:      src/date
+man/dd.1:        src/dd
+man/df.1:        src/df
+man/dircolors.1: src/dircolors
+man/dirname.1:   src/dirname
+man/du.1:        src/du
+man/echo.1:      src/echo
+man/env.1:       src/env
+man/expand.1:    src/expand
+man/expr.1:      src/expr
+man/factor.1:    src/factor
+man/false.1:     src/false
+man/fmt.1:       src/fmt
+man/fold.1:      src/fold
+man/groups.1:    src/groups
+man/head.1:      src/head
+man/hostid.1:    src/hostid
+man/hostname.1:  src/hostname
+man/id.1:        src/id
+man/join.1:      src/join
+man/kill.1:      src/kill
+man/link.1:      src/link
+man/ln.1:        src/ln
+man/logname.1:   src/logname
+man/ls.1:        src/ls
+man/md5sum.1:    src/md5sum
+man/mkdir.1:     src/mkdir
+man/mkfifo.1:    src/mkfifo
+man/mknod.1:     src/mknod
+man/mktemp.1:    src/mktemp
+man/mv.1:        src/mv
+man/nice.1:      src/nice
+man/nl.1:        src/nl
+man/nohup.1:     src/nohup
+man/nproc.1:     src/nproc
+man/od.1:        src/od
+man/paste.1:     src/paste
+man/pathchk.1:   src/pathchk
+man/pinky.1:     src/pinky
+man/pr.1:        src/pr
+man/printenv.1:  src/printenv
+man/printf.1:    src/printf
+man/ptx.1:       src/ptx
+man/pwd.1:       src/pwd
+man/readlink.1:  src/readlink
+man/realpath.1:  src/realpath
+man/rm.1:        src/rm
+man/rmdir.1:     src/rmdir
+man/runcon.1:    src/runcon
+man/seq.1:       src/seq
+man/sha1sum.1:   src/md5sum
+man/sha224sum.1: src/md5sum
+man/sha256sum.1: src/md5sum
+man/sha384sum.1: src/md5sum
+man/sha512sum.1: src/md5sum
+man/shred.1:     src/shred
+man/shuf.1:      src/shuf
+man/sleep.1:     src/sleep
+man/sort.1:      src/sort
+man/split.1:     src/split
+man/stat.1:      src/stat
+man/stdbuf.1:    src/stdbuf
+man/stty.1:      src/stty
+man/sum.1:       src/sum
+man/sync.1:      src/sync
+man/tac.1:       src/tac
+man/tail.1:      src/tail
+man/tee.1:       src/tee
+man/test.1:      src/test
+man/timeout.1:   src/timeout
+man/touch.1:     src/touch
+man/tr.1:        src/tr
+man/true.1:      src/true
+man/truncate.1:  src/truncate
+man/tsort.1:     src/tsort
+man/tty.1:       src/tty
+man/uname.1:     src/uname
+man/unexpand.1:  src/unexpand
+man/uniq.1:      src/uniq
+man/unlink.1:    src/unlink
+man/uptime.1:    src/uptime
+man/users.1:     src/users
+man/wc.1:        src/wc
+man/who.1:       src/who
+man/whoami.1:    src/whoami
+man/yes.1:       src/yes

        $(AM_V_GEN)case '$(PERL)' in                            \

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