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add speed limit to dd tool

From: igrockk
Subject: add speed limit to dd tool
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 14:32:14 +1100


Just a suggestion that it woild be good 
idea to have speed limit in dd tool
so one can use it to for example
spare network bandwidth when copying file 
like this:

cat file | dd --limit-speed 1M | nc 10000 

or spare drive's load copying file
like this:

dd if=/mnt/sda1/file of=/mnt/sda2/file --limit-speed 10M

There is tool "cstream" that similar to "dd"
one can use it to copy file locally:

cstream -i /mnt/sda1/file -o /mnt/sda2/file -t 10m

or remotely:

cstream -o /tmp/file host:port -t 100k

but its not under GPL license:

"The license is similar to the X consortium license"

The speed limit shouldve been added to dd at the very begining
it will make it even more useful.


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