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Re: building/running on cygwin?

From: Arnaud Charlet
Subject: Re: building/running on cygwin?
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 14:14:32 +0100
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Obviousely you are trying to start a flame here.

> So if I wanted to fix a bug or make a change/addition then I would need to
> learn another language,  download another compiler, use a different editor
> that does colour-highlighting for ADA, etc etc.  And at the end of all that
> hassle I still cannot easily incorporate C code for (eg)  FFTs on data, or
> indeed any other add-on I might want.

So I assume that you've already made changes/additions to DDD if you are
already thinking about this possibility.
I won't say that installing a compiler is trivial, and that making changes
to a code depends more on the quality of the code than on the language used,
but for your information, incorporating C code with Ada code is trivial.

> Life is too short to learn a dead language like ADA or Latin or Welsh or
> whatever.  If I'm going to all that trouble I would want there to be
> someone/something interesting to talk to at the end of it.

Obviousely you do not know Ada, since it is far from dead.

> I have one basic question about ADA :
> Why ?

To write software more rapidly and that is more reliable ?

Anyway, one needs to know a language to talk about it, so I'll stop here.


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