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From: Wayne E. Van Loon Sr.
Subject: ddd-3.3.9
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 11:59:15 -0800
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Dear Folks:
I just downloaded and installed ddd-3.3.9 on my Slackware Linux 9.1 system (2.4.22 kernel, gcc 3.2.3).

I had been used to using ddd-3.1.5 that came with an older Linux distribution. I notice several things do not work in my installation, for exampe:

1) I cannot find any way to delete a display. If I right click on a display and move
down to "Undisplay", nothing happens.

2) If I attempt to "drag" a display, I get the little 4 arrow icon and it will move with the mouse,
but the display remains where it was. This is a pain in the ass.

3) It doesn't appear to dereference pointers that are members of an object.
The "Display *()" is "grayed out".

4) The "Show All" and "Set Value" options that were available in 3.1.5 when right clicking
on a data display are similarily "grayed out" and not available.

Is this the normal condition of the newer ddd, or do I have some problem?


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