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Re: pydb [was: The DDD tree ...]

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: pydb [was: The DDD tree ...]
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:43:53 -0400

David Relson writes:
 > On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:11:35 -0400
 > Hi Rocky,
 > As an emacs user, I access pydb using the pydb command.  I've been
 > using pydb-1.18 for the last month or two.  As that's the latest
 > released version, I'm up to date, yes??

Well, actually very soon 1.19 will be hitting the streets. The changes
are noted in the bashdb-pydb mailing list. An archive of the relevant
mail is here:


 > While the run command _does_ remember breakpoints the restart command
 > does _not_. Since testing/developing involves switching back and forth
 > between debugging and editing, having breakpoints remembered is
 > important.

So what's the problem then with using run? The rational for the names
of the commands is here:

 > I've looked at what's written at the URL several times since
 > installing pydb-1.18.  I see that run remembers breakpoints and that
 > restart execs (restarts) the the debugger.  I don't see that
 > breakpoints persist across a restart.  Perhaps I need new eyeglasses,
 > but I just don't see the capability about which I'm asking.

Since you use emacs, you might look at the demo at

If you are having this confusion over how to change a program and keep
settings, watch that demo. You'll see I cover exactly that
scenario. ;-)

My point is the information is in fact out there. If it's not in the
most usable form and you can think of a better way to present the
information by all means make a suggestion or better just provide
patches to the documentation, web-pages, etc.

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