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Re: Opening files

From: Roberto Saltini
Subject: Re: Opening files
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 20:03:04 +0100

2008/3/23, Fred Krogh <address@hidden>:
> Roberto Saltini wrote:
>  > I am new at ddd and I am not able to find out a faster method for
>  > showing a certain source file.
>  > For example, my project is composed of n files, say from 1.c to n.c.
>  > If 1.c is showed  and I want to put a breakpoint in file 5.c, the only
>  > way I found out is to write 5.c in the text box at the top left
>  > corner.
>  > Isn't there a faster method?
>  > Thank you.
>  >
>  >
> In the gdb console window, I would type "b 5.c:<line number>.
> Fred
Instead if I want to search function "foo" and I don't know the source
file where it is, what's the quicker method?
And if I want a list of all source files that compose my project
because I don't know the exactly name of the one I want to open?
Is there a valid alternative to ddd for windows system?
Thank you.

Saltini Roberto

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