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[DejaGnu] Help for WARNING: Could'nt find tool init file

From: Arati D
Subject: [DejaGnu] Help for WARNING: Could'nt find tool init file
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 14:47:20 +0530


I need help running testsuites on my Linux-SH toolchain.

I have built the Linux - SH toolchain successfully from foll. sources
gcc-2.95.3  binutils-2.11.2  newlib-1.9.0

To test this toolchain I have downloaded and succesfully installed DejaGNU

I tried to test GAS in the foll way.
1.  I did 'make site.exp' in  /build-binutils/gas  successfully.
2.  I set the DEJAGNU=/home/kpit/global_site.exp
3.  I copied sh2lcevb.ld to /build-binutils/gas directory.
4.  export PATH=$PATH:/home/kpit/dejagnu/new-1.4/bin
5.  The /home/kpit/fsfsrc/bintutils-2.11.2/gas/testsuite/config contains

I gave foll. command in /build-binutils/gas directory
untest --srcdir=/home/kpit/fsfsrc/bintutils-2.11.2/gas/testsuite  --target_b
oard=sh-hms --tool=gas

This gave foll. result ..

=== gas Summary ===

# of expected passes            62
# of expected failures          1
/usr/local/bin/sh-hms-as 2.11.2

WARNING: Could'nt find tool init file

What is the meaning of this Warning ?  Where can I get this tool init file ?


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