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Re: ERROR: (DejaGnu) proc "::tcl::tm::UnknownHandler {::tcl::MacOSXPkgUn

From: David Byron
Subject: Re: ERROR: (DejaGnu) proc "::tcl::tm::UnknownHandler {::tcl::MacOSXPkgUnknown ::tclPkgUnknown} msgcat 1.4" does not exist.
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 11:18:01 -0800
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On 9/24/2010 10:37 AM, David Byron wrote:
I've probably run into something that isn't a dejagnu error but I'm stumped
and I'm hoping there's a kind soul out there who can help.

For some reason I don't understand

clock format [clock seconds]

causes this message to appear

ERROR: (DejaGnu) proc "::tcl::tm::UnknownHandler {::tcl::MacOSXPkgUnknown
::tclPkgUnknown} msgcat 1.4" does not exist.

and execution of my script to stop, with only

                 ===  Summary ===

before returning to my shell prompt.

Google helped me find which has some discussion about this problem and suggests:

17:53:44 <tlyu> i have seen the dejagnu thing. comment out the definition of "unknown" in dejagnu's framework.exp. it interferes with some autoloading stuff.

I did that and now dejagnu is working great. Is there another way to implement unknown so it doesn't interfere? Or is the fix elsewhere?

Thanks much.


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