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[Denemo-devel] A patch for rhythmic entry (sub)mode.

From: Richard Shann
Subject: [Denemo-devel] A patch for rhythmic entry (sub)mode.
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 13:36:11 +0100

Here is the patch for trying out rhythmic entry in denemo.
The diffs look ok, apart from denemo-types.h where there is some clash
with some (purely cosmetic?) changes which must have happened recently.
However I haven't built from this patch; it is not intended as a
finished piece of work. Things to note:

0) denemoui.xml is loaded from the current working directory - this is a
development hack, so that I don't need to install while I hack
denemoui.xml itself. This change is in view.c at #ifdef
1) The rhythm entry mode doesn't appear under the mode menu - it is only
active when the rhythm toolbox is enabled (under view) AND a rhythm has
been created (with the create button).
2) The create button changes the first time you use it (for no good
3) You enter a rhythm using your regular keypresses for the durations,
dotting, rests, slurs. The rhythm then appears as a button with numbers
for durations, as a cheap implementation. This will need to be replaced
with icons built dynamically for the rhythm in question.
4) Once you have at least one rhythm you are in rhythm mode (actually a
sub-mode of whatever other mode you are in). You can choose a duration
(eg crotchet/quarter note) and then entering pitches will enter notes of
that duration. You can also click on the rhythm button you have created
and subsequent pitch entries will be entered according to the rhythmic
pattern. You can select the next rhythm from among the rhythms you have
defined by using the next rhythm function - use set keybinding to assign
this to the space bar or something highly accessible.
6) When you select a rhythmic pattern the button is highlighted via a
hack which will be swept away when the crude label hack is replaced (see
3 above), this highlighting vanishes if you move the cursor over it!
5) There may be bugs if you enter at places other than the end of the
6) The user preferences stuff has not been done.
7) Any rhythm patterns you define are forgotten when you quit.

The patch includes a few other typos and minor bugfixes.
Feedback welcome!

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