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[Denemo-devel] music font patch

From: Richard Shann
Subject: [Denemo-devel] music font patch
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:56:30 +0100

Here is my patch to improve the rhythm pattern stuff. Contrary to my
last email, it does not repeat the pitch recognition files (which are
missing from CVS), which were in the last patch.
This will require work on the installation side, to install the font
Denemo.ttf in the appropriate system-wide directory. I think gtk
initialization is coping with both fontConfig and defoma, so I guess
where it goes may be easy, but I'm not sure about that stuff - I've put
the font in ~/.fonts which gtk definitely does grok.
The advantage of having a font like this is that making graphical
reference to musical items becomes easier, you just write text using the
font. In this case I have used it for the buttons that you create when
you define a rhythmic pattern. We could replace all those .svg things
and the icon creation code with labels in this font.
The buttons (being toolbar buttons) do not have the nice borders that
ordinary ones can muster, so I have used the background colour to
indicate where the buttons start and finish and which pattern is active.
I've also created emphasized versions of the note shapes so you can see
which note is coming next in the pattern. This makes the buttons jump
about a bit in size, so this could be improved. I've used fontforge to
generate the font starting from MusiSync.
I've identified bugs (limitations at any rate) in the rhythm entry
1) - when entering modifiers at measure boundaries (e.g. triplets ending
at the end of a measure) the next note ends up in a new measure.
2) - when deleting, the pattern backs up regardless jumping modifiers
while the delete is actually deleting triplet or slur markers (though it
works for . modifiers).

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