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Re: [Denemo-devel] Current State of Menus

From: Benoit Rouits
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Current State of Menus
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 18:03:47 +0200

I agree those bugs should be fixed asap...
Le lundi 15 octobre 2007 à 14:47 +0100, Richard Shann a écrit :
> I've done a little survey of the current state of the menu system
> (below). As it has grown like topsy, it is in a fairly illogical state,
> and could do with an overhaul.
> One overall comment is that there are quite a few hardwired shortcuts.
> Besides being inflexible, these shortcuts prevent without warning the
> same keys being used as shortcuts in the keymap. So if someone chooses
> one of these keys, they are allowed to do it, but it does not work.
> File->New from template, should open in a templates directory. There
> should be a save as template saving to a (personal) templates directory,
> stripping out the notes. The accelerator key ctrl-N is given for both
> this and File->New
> File->read only broken
> File->save parts does not seem to do anything and is undocumented
> export PDF does not add .pdf suffix
> edit->undo done twice redos
> edit->redo does not appear to work
> Note: select is missing here - in the usual keybindings ctrl-space sets
> mark and the marked note can be cut and pasted - with coredumps
> sometimes. ctrl-sh-space unsets mark. Can more be marked than single
> objects? Could not the usual point and click/drag paradigm be
> implemented?
> edit->set keybindings, the list of functions is impossibly long and some
> have cryptic names (eg Delete for delete current staff). Some are
> absurdly obscure (eg SetinitialASharpmin)
> view->durations toolbar check is wrong way round, probaby my fault.
> Insert->notehead  this changes the notehead style of the current note.
> Move to Edit->element->notehead
> Insert->timesig->initial timesig
> move to Edit->staff->timesig
> ditto clef and key
> Staff menu is insufficiently hierachical - you have to read through a
> long list of inessential items (such as adding a staff in initial
> position) before finding the one you want. Some appear not to work eg
> add voice to current staff, chords to staff. Staff is treated quite
> differently to Clef and Key, which lurk under insert. New staffs lack
> staff lines in measures after the first when added to a score which
> already has measures.
> Insert->stemdirective this puts the directive \stemNeutral into the
> score - any ideas what this is???
> insert->edit figured bass should be insert->figures
> insert->chords  this appears to be broken - it looks like it might have
> been intended to put chord names above chords.
> insert->barline->  openrepeat working,   closerepeat broken,
> open/close repeat broken - none of these have any graphical indicator
> lyric->edit lyric works, though none to freindly, each syllable is put
> in without regard for where you put it in denemo. (For the figured bass
> by contrast any gaps are filled in for you).
> lyric->insert lyric appears to be the same functionality as edit.
> Navigation->goto next score is not grayed out (I suspect multiple \score
> blocks are not being supported at the moment as it was something that
> came with the lilypond mode).
> Playback->Play using Csound is not working/grayed out
> Help->help cannot find the manual pages - while denemo is installing to
> local the manual is in usr/shanre/denemo. Manual is incomplete and out
> of date.
> Help->about points to sourceforge not savannah
> Comments please, especially if something works which I have mistakenly
> declared non-functional.
> Richard
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