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[Directory-discuss] Problem(s) with Search "Special Page"

From: Paul A. Martel
Subject: [Directory-discuss] Problem(s) with Search "Special Page"
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 15:08:25 -0400

I'm seeing a handful of glitches on the directory's search page.
If there's a better place to post these (Special Pages apparently don't have discussion pages), let me know.

The following were mostly experienced with firefox 7:

The [All] and [None] buttons in the Search Page's Advanced mode appear not to do anything.

A visual glitch occurs when the Search button is clicked.
Some kind of redirect page seems to be loading until the Search results are ready.
If this is somehow unavoidable, maybe it would be less jarring if the redirect page was laid out to be more visually similar to the Search pages (before and after).

Aside: Can I assume that it's just a coincidence that the text on that transitional redirect page seems to contain (among other things) a suggestion that i join the FSF? Or am I the victim of intentional subliminal advertising? Hey, when exactly did I decide to subscribe to this list, anyway?

Right justified across from each heading (Page title matches, Page text matches, etc.) in the search results there appears a text link labeled [edit].  These should probably be eliminated from this non-editable Special Page.
Clicking the link appears to bounce quickly, sometimes imperceptibly, to some other page (?) and return to a clean Search page. This effectively clears the current search string and list of matches (now hidden.

There are bullets on the top-level search category titles (Content page, Multimedia, etc) that look misaligned (starting to the left of the bounding box, or corrupting the display of the previous word). These should probably be eliminated.

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