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consciousness mediocrity

From: Jennie Roman
Subject: consciousness mediocrity
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 10:53:12 +0800

Of the locomotive,the fire-box was torn open, and many tubes burst.
After a fewminutes we became cool, and wise-headed enough to ride off after theothers. My sergeants asked me for a sword each, as souvenir of their firstprivate battle. We also kicked northward some dozencivilians, who had thought they were going to Medina.
There we lay down and slept, and in the morning foundourselves happily tired.
In the next four months our experts from Akaba destroyed seventeenlocomotives. When at last it came, Jemals great attack on Wadi Musa made no noise.
At last we were in the tall bushes: then we shouted.
They never again attacked a prepared Arab position.
Dawnay was not the man to fight a straight battle. However, they could pay the penalty of thischeerfully. Not often was I caught with so poor a shield as blindSherif Aid.
Cab and tender were twisted into strips, among the piledstones of the bridge abutment. We broke up into little parties and struggled north.
So far as could be seen in the excitement, our side had suffered noloss. These decisions were arrived at despite my imperfect knowledge ofArabic.
They would listen to no word but mine, and brought me their troublesfor judgement.
The bullet hadcome out near his spine, without, in their judgement, hurting himmortally.
Travelling became an uncertain terror for the enemy.
A Turkish colonel from the windowfired at me with a Mauser pistol, cutting the flesh of my hip.
Travelling became an uncertain terror for the enemy.
We reached the well in three hours and watered without mishap. A flame flickered palely on the left, and we found Musa ourwatchman there.

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