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[Discuss-gnuradio] Demo Saturday, 12/8, U.C.SANTA CRUZ, College VIII Roo

From: Eric Blossom
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Demo Saturday, 12/8, U.C.SANTA CRUZ, College VIII Room 240, 12:30-5:30
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 09:26:34 -0800
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I'll be talking about and demoing GNU Radio this Saturday at the
Cypherpunks meeting at UC Santa Cruz.  Directions etc below.
If you can make it, I'd love to see you.


--- Begin Message --- Subject: ANNOUNCE: SF Cypherpunks, Saturday, 12/8, U.C.SANTA CRUZ, College VIII Room 240, 12:30-5:30 Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 01:53:40 -0800 SF Bay Area Cypherpunks meeting, 8 December 01, U.C.Santa Cruz, College VIII Room 240, 12:30-5:30

We're meeting Way Down South in the land of Boletus edulus mushrooms
and Monarch Butterflies*, which are both in season, and Banana Slugs.
It's an open public meeting on US soil, everyone's invited,
and it's another month where the Second Saturday showed up early,
so it's this Saturday.

* Eric Blossom will be giving a talk and demo on Software Defined Radios. *

An anonymous cypherpunk may allegedly be discussing development status
of unnamed anonymity products or more reasons for anonymity.

Several less anonymous cypherpunks will be discussing
tools to build, or rebuild, or build differently -
what lessons have we learned from PGP for the next product?
What's a practical toolset for a human rights organization?

Now that the list has been Officially Declared Dead (stego-mpegs at 11:00),
harassed by flooded machine rooms and mailing list glitches,
we've been taunted by some science-fiction authors,
finally probably been published by others, and been dissed by several
Intellectual Property judges, and informed that civil liberties
and due process are pre-millenial relics, we've got some slack
to re-evaluate the cypherpunks movement.  What technologies
should we be looking at?  What needs building next?
What succeeded?  What failed?  What synergies do we need to exploit?

We'll also be discussing schedules for February's meeting,
since The RSA Tradeshow will be the 18th-22nd in San Jose.
If you're an out-of-towner expecting to be here for the show,
please send some mail if you know if you'll be around the
weekend before (Presidents Day) or after the show.

======= Directions and Transportation ======
Kristen Tsolis has reserved a room for Saturday, 12/8 from 12:30~5:30.
UCSC College VIII Room 240.

While UCSC is a mere 30 minutes from Silicon Valley,
it's tough to get to from SF without a car,
so Bill Stewart will be meeting several Usual Suspects at
Mountain View Caltrain at 12:13pm (train leaves SF at 11:00.)
Look for the burgundy-colored Chevy van, or for Bill :-)
The Caltrain schedule ( http://www.caltrain.com/caltrain/index.html )
Drop email to address@hidden if you want to be waited for.

UCSC can be a maze to the uninitiated, so you will want to print this map.
The meeting space at UCSC is clearly marked:


here are some more maps:


To get to UCSC, take US 280 or CA 101 to US 880 or CA 17 south. Take CA 17
south to Santa Cruz, then CA 1 north to Bay St. Turn right on Bay which will
take you to the base of campus. One can also come south from San Francisco
on CA 1 to Bay.

At the base of campus, take a left onto Empire Grade, which will take you to
the West Entrance. Take that right onto Heller, and then take a right on
Koshland into the College Eight Lower Parking Lot. There's no need to pay
for parking on weekends, and as long as you don't park in a 24 hour space,
you won't get a ticket. If you need assistance with handicapped parking,
please email address@hidden

Walk up the stairways between the College Eight dorms until you reach the
top flight of stairs. When you are facing the top parking lot, turn right
towards Room 240.

The cafe there will be closed for Christmas Break, so bring your coffee and
victuals with you.

*Natural Bridges State Park: http://www.aa6g.org/Butterflies/monarch.html

Bill Stewart's Cellphone is +1-415-307-7119, if you're lost and he's not.

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