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[Discuss-gnuradio] SDR Platform is Legitimate utilizing " Free" protocol

From: info
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] SDR Platform is Legitimate utilizing " Free" protocols
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 12:12:56 -0800 (PST)

Greetings Everyone,

Gnu Radio can continue to develop by concentrating, for
the moment on License Free Wireless Protocols such as
802.11 b, a, & g.

FCC said, " Society, we'll allow you to use your own
spectrum without paying us", essentially.  Well, this
is what they do for the Big Broadcaster, and Former
Cellular One's/SBC Ameritech.  That's how Cellular One
was able to get the free money to buy Ameritech here in
Chicago.  The United States Cellular Industry started
here in 1983 in Soldiers Field/Bears Football Stadium.  

One guy standing in the stands with a Cellular Phone,
Transmitting to a guy driving up and down the
football field in a real time controled enviornment. 
Motorola made the phone, and made huge Cellular Phone
leaps from there.  

It hurts like hell, but it is true, the United States
Government through all its agencies will work for the
benefit of the largest established companies.  Thus
allowing companies to push technology to the masses at
their profitable wishes/whim.  

I dont know why Joeseph Mitola went to Stockholm,
Swedan to get his Doctorate in Software Radio.  
But I think it could have somethng to do with the
Swedish being:

1. Open to Innovation
2. Continue to be ahead of the USA in Wireless as a
result of positive policies towards such.   

To KEEP within the law NOW, concentrate on:

1.    802.11B, A, & G.  No FCC License Required
      a. Create your Cellular Phone utilizing 802.11
         wireless protocols.  

2.    Demodulation/Waveforms/Wireless Device Languages 
      etc., could be developed for use with-in a
      simulated enviornment, i.e, Warehouse, your
      Basement, Dwelling you control.  So long as it
      doesn't interact with the " Live " RF
      enviornment.   Operating within a simulated area
      is 100% percent Legitimate!  

      a. Go to other countries whom may encourage
      wireless research and development utilizing
      their spectrum.  

      Remember, if it is illegal within the USA, but
      not illegal elsewhere, do it elsewhere.  If it
      is illegal elsewhere, and illegal in the USA,
      simulate it within a controlled enviornment. 
      This is strictly speaking RF.
3.    GNU Radio Group should work with Decentric.org 
      whom stated to me that his 802.11b  Subscriber
      unit is yet a " Dream ".  Well, go there
      everyone, continue to put together the Software
      Defined Radio Platform, work with Darren of
      www.Decentric.org, join the dream, and kick ass!
      His Open Source Customer Premise Equipment Unit
      is around $85.00 so far.

4.    For the stuff you are unsure of, ask alot of 
      questions, and DONT DO SHIT UNTIL YOU TALK TO 
      AN ATTORNEY!   
I myself am unimpressed by the $ figures Cellular
Carriers pass out as their cost to provide their
cellular service.  The state of Illinois Commerce
Commission is sued daily by SBC/Ameritech for 
" Setting the forumla to calulate their cost TOO LOW!"

State agencies feel the need THEMSELVES to force upon
the big Telecom Fuckers a formula to determine their
cost for providing service.  That's how little their
cost is once the equipment is in place.  The ICC is one
state government entity I like on this point. 

I have the transcripts to prove Cellular One & the
C.T.I.A. TOTALLY made up CELLULAR LOSS figures. 
When we asked for the figures, Thomas Mc Clure, Vice
President of the C.T.I.A., and Chief Security Officer
for Cellular Fraud Loss, stated he " Destroyed " the

I'm interested in deploying this open source technology
to a small Town outside Chicago.
My attorney knows of my current wireless project.  I'd
love the platform to be Software Definable to enable
this Last Mile Academic Community high speed internet
access utilizing the 802.11 protocols.  They have no
the years.  That's a Crime!


Martin O'Shield

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