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[Discuss-gnuradio] SDR on General Purpose Processor Demo

From: info
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] SDR on General Purpose Processor Demo
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:49:51 -0800 (PST)


After you read the article below, go to:


and watch Mr. Vanu Bose give a lecture on Software
Defined Radio utilizing Pentium computers.  

As you peruse the www.Vanu.com website, you'll notice
that they already have the 802.11b Waveform/Protocol
implemented in Layers 1 & 2.  They also have the HDTV
Waveform/Protocol worked out as well.

Also, please check out Darrin Eden of www.decentric.net
whom has stated that his 802.11b Software Defined Radio
Receiver is " Just a Dream ". 
Well, I'll dream with him!

I hope GNU Radio will add the 802.11b, a, & g License
Free Waveform/Protocols to it's list of goodies soon.


Martin O'Shield
WindyCity = Chicago
SDR = Software Defined Radio
   Software radio reaches commercial viability  
   Vanu Software Radio to be introduced at CTIA
Vanu, Inc. has created, and will demonstrate at CTIA
Wireless 2002, the first software radio technology that
performs all signal processing in portable high-level
languages running on top of general purpose processors.

Cambridge, Mass. - March 11, 2002 - Vanu, Inc., a
leading provider of software for wireless equipment,
announced today that it has achieved a milestone in
physical layer signal processing. 

Vanu has emonstrated a complete physical layer
1, 2 and 3 for commercial and public safety wireless
standards including GSM, IS-136, APCO 25, and legacy
systems, which combines high performance and software
portability and uses only commodity hardware components.

Vanu Software Radio will be featured in several product
prototypes at Booth # 4563 at CTIA Wireless 2002 in
Orlando, Florida (www.ctiashow.com). The prototypes
demonstrate that software radio techniques, long the
subject of research efforts, are now available for
deployment in advanced wireless equipment.

Software radio is a technology that offers major
benefits to device manufacturers, by reducing the cost
of multifunction devices and reducing the risk
associated with early adoption of emerging standards. 

Vanu Software Radio differs from other approaches by
providing software portability across a variety      of
commodity hardware components and by enabling 
use of high-level programming techniques. Portability
enables manufacturers to amortize software costs across
a range of products and to quickly adopt component
High-level programming techniques reduce cost and
improve software reliability.

"As the development effort for increasingly complex
waveforms becomes more expensive and more protracted,
manufacturers have asked us to look for ways to
streamline their development process. Vanu Software
Radio eliminates the hardware design cycle, leverages
Moore's Law, cuts cost, reduces time-to-market and
future-proofs customer standards    decisions," said
Vanu Bose, President and Chief Executive Officer of the

"Industry incumbents are astounded when I tell them how
little it cost us to develop these prototypes."

       About Vanu, Inc.

Vanu, Inc. (www.vanu.com) is the global leader in
software radio development. Vanu, Inc.'s business model
is to license software and assist its partners in
developing software radio products. Vanu Software Radio
systems leverage the strengths of advanced software
engineering and systems architectures.

The company was founded by Vanu Bose in 1998 to
commercialize software radio research he started in the
SpectrumWare group at MIT. Since 1998, the Company has
doubled in size each year and developed significant
intellectual property in the form of software and
reference architectures. Vanu, Inc. licenses its
waveform software to customers and offers consulting
services to help design and develop software radio
Vanu, Inc. is a privately held company. Advisory Board
members include Reed Hundt, former Chairman of the FCC,
William Stasior, former CEO of Booz-Allen Hamilton,
Clay Christensen, Harvard Business School Professor and
author of The Innovator's Dilemma, and John Guttag,
Chair of the Computer Science and EE Department at MIT.

Vanu, Inc. will be exhibiting at CTIA Wireless 2002 -
Booth #4563.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, contact
Rob Waldron at address@hidden or 617-794-7912.

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