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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Severe compilation error

From: Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Severe compilation error
Date: 02 Dec 2003 23:07:59 +0530
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 || On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 12:53:58 +0100
 || <address@hidden> wrote: 

 > Hi everybody
 > I tried to compile gnuradio-0.8 on a Debian (testing) computer. Now I'm 
 > stuck in compilation :-(
 > The first error I got was cused by the configure script:
 > ---snip---
 > checking for ANSI C header files... no
 > checking for sys/types.h... no
 > checking for sys/stat.h... no
 > checking for stdlib.h... no
 > checking for string.h... no
 > checking for memory.h... no
 > checking for strings.h... no
 > checking for inttypes.h... no
 > checking for stdint.h... no
 > checking for unistd.h... no
 > ---snip---
 > /usr/include/linux/mod_devicetable.h:18: error: parse error before `,' token
 > /usr/include/linux/mod_devicetable.h:19: error: parse error before `,' token
 > /usr/include/linux/mod_devicetable.h:20: error: syntax error before 
 > `class_mask'
 > /usr/include/linux/mod_devicetable.h:21: error: 'kernel_ulong_t' is used as a
 > type, but is not defined as a type.

What are the versions of autoconf and automake?

Try with these dependencies installed(they are mostly for CVS HEAD (except that 
ftw3 instead of fftw2)):

fftw2-dev, autoconf, automake1.7, libtool, gcc-3.3, g77-3.3, g++-3.3, swig1.3, 
python2.3-dev, doxygen, libqt3-dev | libqt3-mt-dev, libaudio-dev, xlibs-dev, 
xlibs-pic, libxrender-dev, libfreetype6-dev, libxcursor-dev, libxft2-dev

I have debian packages ready, but I was too busy for the past few days and
in the meantime debian servers were shutdown following the cracking of machines.
Once they are running, I will upload them into experimental. If a new release
is in works, I will probably wait and pick it up instead to make the release.

    Ramakrishnan                   http://www.hackGNU.org/
    Use Free Software -- Help stamp out Software Hoarding!

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