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[Discuss-gnuradio] USRP News

From: Matt Ettus
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] USRP News
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:56:42 -0800
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New Products

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new RF
daughterboard.  Known as the "TVRX" board, this receive-only board is
based on a Microtune 4937 Cable Modem tuner.  It is capable of receiving
from 50 MHz to over 870 MHz, and gives access to a 6 MHz wide band
anywhere in that range.  Each board costs $100, and each USRP can
accomodate up to 2 TVRX boards at one time.

This board comes with an "F" connector for its RF input, which is common
for TV/Cable systems in North America.  It is recommended, especially
for those outside of North America, that you also purchase an F to BNC
Female adapter, available from us for $5.

If you have an order which has not shipped yet, you can add products to
your order without paying additional shipping charges.

We are now selling RF cables to go with your USRP systems.  We carry
SMA-Male to SMA-Male cables ($20) and SMA-Male to BNC-Male cables ($15),
both in 2 foot (61 cm) lengths.

Daughterboards coming soon include:
        - 800MHz to 2.4 GHz Receive-only board
        - 400-500 MHz Transceiver
        - 800-1000 MHz Transceiver
        - 1200-1300 MHz Transceiver
        - 2300-2700 MHz Transceiver

Payment and Shipping Changes

We now have a real credit card gateway system set up, so you can use
regular VISA and MasterCard, and corporate/government P-cards.  Orders
can be placed from any country in the world now.

The new order page is accessible from our main page, or directly at


Corporate purchase orders, bank transfers, money orders,
dollar-denominated checks, and PayPal are still acceptable as well --
just contact us at address@hidden

Shipping rates have been simplified and reduced in some cases.  Small
items (orders without USRPs) have reduced shipping rates for
international customers.

Quantity and Academic Discounts

We are now selling "USRP Lab Packs" which consist of:

        - 5 USRPs
        - 10 BasicTX daughterboards
        - 10 BasicRX daughterboards
        - 5 Extra USB cables
        - 1 Extra Power Supply

If purchased separately, this would cost $3295, but we are selling the
packs for $3100, which is 6% off the regular price.  They appear as a
single line item on the invoice, but are not eligible for credit card

For other quantity discounts, please contact us at address@hidden


We are proud to announce that in the first 3 months over 140 USRPs have
been sold worldwide, and there is at least one USRP in use on every
continent except for Antarctica!

We'd like to thank all those who have helped out by contributing code,
bug fixes, bug reports, and suggestions, as well as all of our customers.

Matt Ettus
Ettus Research LLC

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